How is it going? l was watching the european soccer prefinal match between Germany and Greece and l was thinking how amazing soccer players are. This sport rocks! Despite our national team lost, results doesn’t always matters, they managed to play in a very high and competitive level against Germany. So l admire them.

My sport is blogging, blogging for a purpose, blogging for money or making a living through blogging! That is nicer! But what is kind of sport is blogging for a living? lf l would be a professional athlete l would be a marathon racer.

Why? The answer its simple, because blogging is like a marathon, if you like to succeed and make a difference you have to blog every day! Every single day you have to make your own research and write about your favorite topic! Business also is a marathon, its not a high speed 100 metre race, as an entrepreneur, you are a racer, not a spreader! Daily habits are bringing the results because they are forming your character and you develop stamina. Start blogging NOW!

So what are the long-term profits of blogging?

1. Blogging creates 100% unique content.

2. Unique quality content takes greater search engines ranking, because search engines value unique content very much. Bt saying content, l do not only mean article writing or copywriting, l mean about video marketing production, presentations, photos, email marketing, ebooks and books.

3. It builds your personal brand. Do you know what is the most important thing on the planet? YOU! You are special, you are the center of you personal business, by blogging you are building your credibility, because the difference between written and oral speech is that written speech is to last forever! Do you know that in Greece there are museums that have written stone discs from 1.700 B.C? Phaistos Disc is from that age and it is written in an uknown gramical inscription from a dead language. The language is lost, the civilization is lost, the script is there forever! Start blogging my friend!

4. Your blog will produce to you new money and new leads, even months or years after the time you had blogged.

5. It position yourself as a leader and as a writer. It doesn’t matter what you were doing for a living before, it doesnt’  matter what your primary business is, blogging will make you a different person. Do you know what it takes to write a book? To write the first page. This is blogging. Consistency is your greatest driver of success.

Personally speaking, l have been reading all these days many blogs and dynamic websites. And do you know what l found? Many of them are dead! They are more zombie blogs than people on the earth! Yes! How it comes? because many started and gave up! Are you a wussy or a hustler? Are you a quitter? How many times you started something in life and quit it? Stop nagging and focus on one only thing! Blogging! Blog till you succeed! Its a marathon habit for a marathon business!

Good luck! l love you!