6 Blogging Tips Of Proper Blog Writing

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6 Blogging Tips Of Proper Blog Writing

Have you ever wondered what makes a professional  blogger from an average? To my opinion blogging is an art and a science together. Here are six blogging tips of proper blog writing. Learn them and apply them to become a top income blogger in your market niche! You don’t need to be a copy writing guru or a professional writer. Just keep your writing simple and you have it!

Blogging tips 1: Start your post with a compelling headline. The headline is usually the determining factor on whether anybody will even attempt to read your post.The headline is super important. You can have an artistic blog post, but a poor headline can still absolutely kill it. Look at social bookmarking sites to see what headlines those popular posts are using. See what the headlines are of blog posts which perform well across the web. Observe and copy the secrets of the best posts on the net.

Blogging tips 2: The first few lines of the post have to be compelling. Why is that again? What l mean by saying compelling? Make it get their attention and draw them in. The purpose of the first few lines is to serve as a gateway to the rest of the post. If the beginning is boring, they won’t continue to read the whole post. You can use pattern interrupt tactics to make them continue reading.

Blogging tips 3: Formating. Break up the flow of a post with sub-headlines. Make the text of the sub-headlines interesting and as keyword-relevant as possible. The purpose of a sub-headline is to make the reader want to read the text paragraph and to provide good keywords for the search engines. l always use H1 headline on the top and a few H2 headlines sometimes. l always use a good picture with alt attribute.

Blogging tips 4: Use short paragraphs. In school writing, the paragraph is supposed to group a single idea together. In blog writing, the paragraph is more importantly used to control reader flow. Remember, readers are lazy. If you give them a paragraph with any more than 4-5 lines in it, you might start to lose them. You should also use short lines.

Blogging tips 5: Use bullet points and numerical lists wherever appropriate. These serve to break up the flow. Plus, people tend to scan down the left side of the content. The bullets and numbers in a list will catch the scanners and pull them into the text of those bullets. Scanreading is a trend of our age, especially when there is a big flow of information.

Blogging tips 6: Use simple language, no mathematics and scientific terms. The purpose of a blog is to communicate, and you won’t actually achieve that if people don’t understand you because you’re using words they don’t understand. You should adjust your writing to your target audience. Don’t try to educate your audience with new terminology or with clichés.


And a seventh blogging tip to promote your blog post:

Write a blog post, then repurpose it, shorten it to 400 words or so, and post it in the article directory. This will help you promoting your blog post to the article directories and creating  a good link back to the post.



 To your blogging success!!!

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6 blogging tips of proper blog writing

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