Day 76 – 7 Reasons to build a blog in 2012

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7 Reasons to build a blog in 2012



Blogs Show Your Human Side

Blogs are not a formal way of communication. Your readers want to know if you are a human and your personal feelings. Your personal style of writing and your expression make the blog unique. That is the reason l avoid article robots and article spinners. l don’t want to lose the personal touch and the communication with my audience.

l love blogging and l love writing posts every day. From my early age l would like to become an author and today my childhood dream comes true.

Your human side and your opinion is something that is total unique and apart form the formal news, people want to know what you think.  A great motive to build a blog in 2012 is to show your human side and make new friends.



Blogs Show Your Expertise & Establish You as a Brand

If you feel that you are good at something or you have some special expertise in a field that is rare, then the best thing to promote yourself is to build a blog. Blogs are the best personal branding strategy and can position yourself on a market niche as a Brand.

Many people had started a blog in a niche they didn’t know nothing but their persistence made them internet millionaires today.



Blogs are Powerful SEO Weapons

Blogs are the best SEO solutions. They are highly optimized for the search engines and as a matter of fact google loves WordPress, the most popular blogging platform. You can also use a SEO tool such as WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

The way that WordPress is designed is the optimum for search engine optimization. l thing in the near future we will have only WordPress based blogs or hybrids.

If you already have a business offline and you want to start an online presence, then your small business blog is a must. You will combine the existent customer base to make some money online and to spread you companies activities and publicity through the internet and the social media.



Blogs make you money

A rather good consequence of building a blog in 2012 is to make  some good money. l know some professional bloggers that make more than a million dollars online a year and thousands of others that have an outstanding blogging income from blogs they have built years ago.

Apart from the money, blogs can introduce you in the internet lifestyle which is one of my dreams and my goals right now. l have not yet achieved the level of income l want yet, but l am on the road to hit it maybe in 2013.

There are many ways to monetize your blog starting from advertising, affiliate marketing, eBay, review posting, network marketing, Amazon Kindle and eBay auctions. Find what suits you best and stick to it until you make some real money.



Blogs makes you famous

Despite the fact that you could be a shame person, blogs can make you famous. You can build your audience steadily and in some years you may have more than 10.000 subscribers. If you offer valuable content and you have attractive material in your blog, then you maybe famous for real!



Blogs are a new business opportunity

Are you looking for a new business opportunity? You may build a blog. You need to find a niche you love and that you can dominate and contribute.  Blogging is a whole new world and when you start you never imagine what are the real possibilities of running your personal blog.

There are many business opportunities, but l consider that internet hides many opportunities, especially in the WEB 2.0 era.



Blogs is a new hobby

Do you want to start a new hobby? Just build a blog! You will learn a new world and you will meet new interesting people. Becoming a blogger is a great hobby and many bloggers started their careers as amateurs and as a hobby. What is better from making money from your hobby?



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7 reasons to build a blog in 2012

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