Painting: How to renew your walls

Painting the walls is the fastest and most economical way to renovate and upgrade your home, so that you fall in love with your home again! However, about one in 10 people say they postpone painting because they do not know where to start.

So, we have prepared an easy-to-use to-do list with the basic tips, tools and tricks to achieve a professional result – whether you are painting for the first time or painting regularly.

You will need:

  •  The wall colors of your choice
  • A roller and a tray
  • Brushes
  • A stirring blade for the paint
  • Paper tape
  • Plastic covers (for covering furniture and lamps)
  • Cardboard (for covering the floor)
  • A ladder (to get to those difficult points)

1. Choose a shade

The color of your walls has a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a room, so it is important to do it right.

Once you find the perfect shade, you can go to the product page and calculate exactly the quantity you need to buy.

2. Ready for the paper tape

Cover the sockets, frames, skirting board, ceiling frame and anything else you do not want to paint, with paper tape. Be sure to nail it to the pallets only on the back and two sides not the front.

3. Cover everything

It is a good idea to remove all the furniture from the room, but if this is not possible, then cover them with plastic covers or an old sheet. Plastic bags are an economical and easy way to protect things like luminaires.

Lay a piece of cardboard under the surface you are painting. Paint can splash your floor, no matter how careful you are.

4. Dust your walls

For an extremely smooth finish, it is important to dust your walls before you start painting the walls. A quick pass with a dry cloth is usually all that is needed. Pay attention to the corners on the ceiling, where there may be cobwebs.

This is also the right time to scrape irregularities from the surface of your wall and remove any old nails or screws, filling the gaps with trowel putty.

5. Start painting the walls

You do not need to normally use primer on walls that have already been painted, so you can open your buckets with wall paint. Dilute the wall paint according to the instructions on the package.

Mix your paint with the stirring blade and pour a little into the tray. Use the medium-sized brush to make the cuts, passing through the edges of the paper tape.

Use the roller to paint the rest of the surface. The key to achieving a smooth, even finish is not to over-load your brush or roller with paint.

Allow the first coat to dry and then apply the second coat. You may need a third coat if you are going to make a very large color change .

6. Remove the paper tape

While the paint on the wall is still fresh, carefully peel off the paper tape. If you allow the paint to dry, you run the risk of peeling off pieces of paint with the paper tape. If this happens, just correct these points with a small brush.

7. Take a step back and admire the result of your work!

That’s it! Now you have smooth, beautiful walls waiting to become the backdrop for the rest of your décor!

How to find the right color

Different colors suit different rooms, so the first step is to evaluate your space. If your room faces north and is often cold, bright colors in vibrant, clean shades will intensify the light and make it look warmer. If your room faces south, most colors are appropriate – even the darkest.

Consider using the room. Is it to eat, to work or to sleep? Use color to create the mood you want to achieve. Cool, calm, pale colors such as light green and water blue evoke calm, while intense, dark colors such as red and purple will stimulate the senses.

The magic of collage

Once you have chosen the colors, take samples of colors and fabrics that include different tones of your chosen shades. Use a flat surface or white cardboard as a background for the combination.

Organize and reorganize according to your desire. Take your time. Do not forget to take a few steps back and look at it from a distance. You will know when you did it.

Try it before you buy

Small one-liter color swatches are a great way to make sure the color you love looks just as good on your walls as it does on your collage.

Paint different spots in different lighting or hang a painted A4 paper on different walls to see how the colors look in natural and artificial light and at different times of the day.

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Cheese: What are its types and its value in your diet

Undoubtedly, cheese is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. Also many people work in cheese production. It is a product rich in nutrients, prepared by processing the milk of cow, sheep, goat or buffalo.

The history of cheese

The history of cheese-making is lost in the depths of prehistory. No one knows how it first appeared or how the processing of milk in order to turn it into cheese was introduced.

The beginning of cheese-making, according to historians, took place after the domestication of the first ruminants, around 8000 BC. A legend attributes the preparation of the first cheese to a random event. Once upon a time, a merchant crossed the desert carrying milk in a pouch made of sheep stomach.

The heat of the desert and the presence of natural rennet on the wall of the container, caused the milk to ferment which “cut”, that is, it was separated into cheese and whey. The merchant tasted it, was fed up with the cheese, quenched his thirst with the whey and tried to reproduce the process, thus beginning the art of cheese-making.

In ancient Greece, cheese-making had already developed in the years of Homer. In fact, in the Odyssey, reference is made to the cheeses prepared by Cyclops Polyphemus in his cave from the milk of his sheep. However, cheese-making in a more organized form developed later, in Roman times.

How many types of cheese are there?

Cheese is the most popular dairy product in the world. There are hundreds of types of cheese and thousands of variations of them, while most people have to display dozens of local cheese products.

There are many ways to divide cheese into types, and all cheeses belong to more than one category at a time. For example, there are soft, semi-hard and hard, sweet and salty, yellow, blue and white, fresh and long ripening, those that melt at high temperature and those that remain solid, etc.

What are the most popular types of cheese in the world?

The most popular types of cheese worldwide are parmesan and mozzarella from Italy, cheddar from England, French Brie, Dutch Gouda and of course Greek feta, which is gaining more and more fans all over the world. Both its flavor and the worldwide spread of the benefits of the Mediterranean diet have boosted feta sales in Europe and America.

How are cheeses combined?

The delicious combinations of cheeses are unlimited. Almost all cheeses can be eaten alone or in combination with other cheeses and cold cuts. Usually in a plate of cheeses and cold cuts, the mild ones coexist with the most intense and spicy flavors.

The cheeses are combined with all kinds of baked goods such as bread, rusks, breadsticks, etc., as well as fruits such as figs, grapes and watermelon. Some cheeses such as gruyere and cream cheese go well with honey, creating interesting and special combinations.

The wine that traditionally accompanies yellow cheeses is dry red, while white cheeses go best with mild, fresh, white wines.

As for beer, it has always been a perfect pair with cheese. The connoisseurs even claim that the darker the color of the cheese, the darker the color of the beer. That is why they combine white cheeses with blond beers, light yellow cheeses with red beers and yellow and blue cheeses with dark beers.

What is the nutritional value of cheese?

Cheese has great nutritional value, as it contains all the benefits of milk in high concentration and is more digestible. Contains 10-30% proteins of high nutritional value. In fact, hard cheeses contain more protein than even meat.

Cheeses contain fats that depending on their type range from 1% to 50%. Low fat cheeses that do not lack rich flavor are now widely available on the market, while they are suitable for those who follow a low fat diet.

The calcium contained in cheeses is more easily digested by the human body than that of milk, while it is also found in much higher concentrations, especially in yellow cheeses.

Also, cheese contains linoleic acid which can potentially reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease. Finally, in small quantities it can be consumed by people who are lactose intolerant as it contains much less lactose than milk.

Greek cheese production

Greece produces a wide variety of cheese products, based mainly on goat’s and sheep’s milk.Let’s see some of the most popular Greek cheeses and their characteristics.


The most common Greek cheese. It is a soft, white, salty cheese, made from sheep’s or goat’s milk, has a sour taste and is preserved in brine. It is usually eaten raw, plain, in a salad, accompanied by fruit, or used to fill pies, baked or fried.


It is a hard cheese that looks like gruyere but has a saltier taste. Produced from sheep’s or goat’s milk. It is usually not consumed plain but grated, flavoring the pasta with its spark.


A very hard cheese, with a spicy salty taste produced either from sheep, goat or goat’s and sheep’s milk. Its rich aroma is due to its minimal maturation in three months. Its color varies depending on the milk mixture used in its production.


Mizithra is a special cheese produced by mixing whey with fresh sheep’s or goat’s milk. We find it either dry, ideal for rubbing, or green, eaten raw or as an accompaniment to fruits and pastries.

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When in Santorini, stay in Fira or Oia?

When in Santorini, stay in Fira or Oia?

Santorini Santorini car rental is one of the most popular and beautiful islands in Greece. If you want to visit this island but you have no idea where you would like to stay, then we are here today to help you decide. Fira and Oia are the two well-known regions of Santorini where most people choose to book their accommodation.

Both villages are considered to be the center of the island so the whereabouts is not really something that should bother you.

Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself in order to decide on whether you are staying in Oia or Fira, are the following:

  • Are you looking for a vivid stay in Santorini?
  • Do you want to be in the center of tourists?
  • Are you aiming at having a fine dining experience?
  • How much money am I willing to spend?

Prices for accommodation in Oia and Fira

Answering to the questions above, further down we will discuss about the vividness and the exact location of the two villages. Regarding the amount of money that you’re willing to spend in Santorini, you should bear in mind that it is not a cheap island.

You will probably spend a medium to high budget, depending on the days of your stay. It also depends on your hometown, as many flights to Santorini are quite expensive (European countries tend to have cheaper airport fares than USA or Australia for example).

Accommodation in Santorini is also quite expensive, as most hotels are offering a great view of the sea and the sunset, and of course they are offering great services such as spas, gyms and many more.


Fira is the capital off Santorini and it is a very popular destination for people from all over the world. Regarding the nightlife and the number of people that you are going to encounter, this is the most vivid village of the Island and it includes many nightclubs too.

This village is located in the center of the island and if you are going to stay there it is easier to visit the southern part of the island. If you are planning to move around with public but transport means, it is better to book your accommodation there, as many routes are starting from Fira.

If you’re planning on booking a car from the car rental company then he will not have an issue as you can stay in Oia too and move around the island easier. Nevertheless, renting a car in Fira is easier and you can also pick up your car from the Santorini airport car rental.


This village is a more luxurious one than Fira and you will enjoy your vacation there if you are going to visit Santorini with your significant other. Not that Santorini is generally suggested for vacation with your family, but Oia will for sure keep your romantic sparkle alive.

There are many romantic restaurants there, and you are able to go for some high and expensive shopping. It is located approximately 30 minutes away from the Island’s port and airport so you would probably want to pick your rental car at the port or the airport so you would not get into the buses.


Both villages have a great variety of restaurants and traditional taverns. The gastronomic experience in Santorini will be one that you will remember for the rest of your life. Especially when you’re staying in Fira and Oia, you will enjoy the traditional dishes of Santorini with a great view of the sunset and the sea.

Of course, Fira has more casual restaurants and taverns, and there are some fast foods too, where you can enjoy the Greek gyros while Oia will offer you a more fine dining experience.


Both villages are close to beaches around the island. As we have mentioned before, fear is more tourist friendly because of the central bus stations, where you can take a bus to practically all the regions of Santorini. When you are staying in Oia, you will need to change buses in Fira out which makes it more difficult and more exhausting.

Oia is a little bit farther from most beaches but it is very close to Ammoudi where you can swim and taste some of the greatest seafood in the island. Fira is close to Imerovigli, Perissa beach and Kamari beach.


The sun set of Santorini is one of the most well-known sunsets around the whole world. Many people are traveling to Greece only to experience the amazing sunset from the highest points of the island. When you will visit Santorini, either you’re staying in Fira or Oia you will need to watch the sunset.

Fortunately, the sunset is visible from both villages so you will not need to worry about missing it. There is also a great view of the caldera


We have presented to you the most amazing features of each village but it is quite difficult to decide where to stay when in Santorini. The outcome is that you should stay in Oia if you are planning a more high-end vacation and in Fira if you are interested in exploring the southern part of Santorini while enjoying the traditional food in a more casual environment.

Nevertheless, you will need to rent a car in Santorini as it is hard to move around with the buses. Whatever you choose, we can promise you that your vacation in Santorini will be unforgettable.

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How to Rent a Car in Santorini?

Unsure how you should navigate in Santorini? Here’s assistance in determining if you should rent a car Santorini is right for your trip or if you’re much better off relying upon various other forms of transportation throughout your journey to Santorini.

Reservation Car Rentals

You can examine aggregators, such as Santorini Car Rental online, which uploads rates from numerous United States cars and truck rental business operating in Santorini, or you can do searches on virtually any of the significant travel reserving engines. You can additionally schedule through the U.S.-based sites for many major car service companies running in Greece, such as Santorini Car Hire.

Renting out A Car at the Santorini Airport

Airport terminal services in Greece, as is real almost everywhere, will certainly be generally a lot more costly, though this might not be the situation if you have actually scheduled ahead. On the smaller islands, the rental cars and truck agencies may be just situated at the Santorini airport car terminal, so you’ll finish up renting out from them regardless.

Is it a Good Idea to Rent a Car in Santorini?

  • Driving in Santorini can be relatively more difficult than driving in the U.S., however this does depend on what you’re used to. If you desire to actually experience Santorini, specifically mainland areas, having your very own rental auto is nearly important.
  • Your choice is to work with a driver and also a vehicle, however expect to pay hundreds per day and up for this type of solution.

Gas in Greece is costly. Luckily, most rental cars have been chosen to obtain excellent gas mileage, however the costs can still add up rapidly. And remember, most of the major highways in Greece are toll roads which can conveniently add 20 or 30 Euros to a journey, in addition to the gas rates.

Gasoline station can be spaced relatively commonly in Santorini, and they frequently are closed on Sundays and vacations, especially outside of the large tourist locations. Do not zoom previous them if you’re getting below a quarter of a storage tank – fill and quit up. Ask at your resort where an open station is if you understand you require gas on a Sunday.

The majority of gas stations are complete serve. Gas is “venzina” in Greek and diesel is, comfortably enough, “Diezel“.

Driving at night in Santorini can be difficult. Numerous roadways have few lights and also the usual issues– narrowness, curves, steep decreases, unknown routes– all tackle a new menacing high quality in the dark. Try to reach your destination well prior to sunset.

What car to Rent in Santorini?

If you are utilizing your Santorini car rental mainly to go out from a hub, going to websites in the countryside around a town or city, then flying out of that area or taking a bus, ferry, or train , you can escape a small car considering that you will not be bring all your gear with you for overnight trips.

If you have several people all with complete travel luggage allowances, you may locate it is virtually impossible to fit every person into one vehicle conveniently. Take a look at the trunk prior to authorizing the final papers. No one such as seeing the gorgeous Greek island over the top of the suitcase on your lap.

Book Ahead for Automatics rental cars in Santorini

Santorini still loves the gearbox and most Santorini cars will certainly be manual changing. This can be challenging to learn or remember when incorporated with Santorini’s winding mountain roads and also narrow urban roads. You’ll pay extra for having an automatic car. If you reserve one in advance you may find that you don’t get your choice one.

Greek Island Ferry

Lots of car service agencies in Santorini, do not desire you to take their vehicles onto a ferryboat. Initially, there’s the risk that you might damage it handling in the limited location. Moreover, they like to keep their cars on their residence island.

Lots of people rent a car at Santorini port and take them onto the Greek ferries without mentioning to the car rental company. However if anything does occur, it’s one more strike versus you.

Keep in mind that not all Greek ferryboats take cars and you may need bookings in advance.

Special offers to hire a car in Santorini

In the States, you can locate cheaper car rental agencies making use of less than beautiful vehicles. In Santorini, however, they are typically not advertising as well as the average traveller will not locate them. Take care in these circumstances and pay special focus to the pre-rental vehicle inspection… note down every little thing.

Obtaining Extra Insurance

Additional auto service insurance policy costs can add your expense considerably. Your cars and truck insurance from back home may or may not cover you abroad. Figure out for sure before you rely upon this. Also, some credit cards provide you extra car insurance protection. Find out if this is an advantage you have.

You can examine collectors, such as Santorini Car Hire, which uploads costs from lots of United States vehicle rental business running in Santorini, or you can do searches on practically any of the major traveling scheduling engines. You can also book through internet sites for cars running in Greece, such as Santorini Car Rental.

If you are using your rental car primarily to go out, you can obtain away with a small car. Some credit cards provide you extra car insurance protection if you book the car service utilizing that details card.

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What steps to take for a wedding preparation

So, the first thing you require to do is to pick an approximate date of the wedding. Throughtout the whole event you can also book a Santorini daily tour to spend a relaxing day on the island.

Hereafter you will certainly require to:

  • Establish approximate budget plan.
  • Make a decision whether there will be guests at your wedding event and the amount of.

When you have actually gotten our pre-calculation and also information on accessibility of various places based on your date, you will need to focus on the adhering to considerations:

  • If the supervisor has actually sent you a number of choices for your ceremony – you need to select one choice.
  • Book the place to hold the ceremony on the day of your wedding event as well as make a deposit to guarantee that the area has actually been assigned to you.
  • If your event is official – prepare all the needed records. This is a relatively straightforward process, butt if you have any kind of troubles – call us.
  • Notice that both you and your guests have the chance to fly to Greece at the correct time.
  • Buy or publication tickets as well as the resort for you as well as your guests (It deserves stating that Santorini does not have large resorts so it is quite tough to choose practical accommodation for a large number of visitors. If you require any type of assist with holiday accommodation – we enjoy to recommend and also aid with booking).

Coordinate the main points of your agreement with the Company. Bear in mind, also 2 months prior to the event you can change the contract to “boost” it. So, it’s much better to make a contract with the Firm for an extra inexpensive alternative than a “luxury” one.

Keep in mind:

You can always quickly include necessary components to your wedding program, yet it is much more difficult to remove them from the agreement.

Hand over yourselves to the treatment of the Agency and also prepare for the wedding event:

Select your clothing, accumulate all the required things, visit a beauty consultant, MEDICAL SPA and also await one of the most vital day of your life.

Pertain to the island and also plunge into the enchanting and also enchanting world, have the wedding of your dream as well as become the happiest just-married couple on earth!

Scheduling the day

Organization of a wedding event in Santorini starts with scheduling the day. The Agency will book the day and time of the main wedding and also will settle on the place where you decided to have your wedding event banquet.

The choice of the place, the format of the event, in addition to the entire program of the celebration totally depends on your budget.In Santorini there are a selection of alternatives – from budget to VIP.

Therefore, it is far better to settle on the budget plan of the wedding with your Consultant, to ensure that they can locate you the most effective mix of high quality and also cost.

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Why l relaunched my old blog?

Why l relaunched my old blog?

Hello guys, after 7 years l rebuilt and relaunched my old blog and l managed to recover a part of the old content thanks to waybackdownloader.

Waybackdownloader is really a great service and l enjoy the feeling to looking back to myself and see how much progress l have done all of these years and the journey l pass every single year.

The other reason that made me to rebuilt my old paramarketing blog with a new WordPress theme and a new domain, as soon as l already use the old domain for another website, is that l want to write my experiences and acquire audience to a broader market.

In my previous post in another personal blog l hold, l wrote about the sewage cleaning business in Greece. l am talking about the implications of the sewage cleaning business to the city of Athens (sewage cleaning stands for αποφραξεις in Greek and it is not only the Sewage business in Athens, but the sewage business in Piraues ass well, stands for αποφράξεις πειραιάς), and l would like to find opportunities and new clients to a greater market with no local boundaries.


So l made my decision and had to get into massive action, as Antony Robbins says. Massive action means two thing for me:

  • First, l should start writing to more blogs to improve my SEO and my exposure to the people
  • Secondly, l should start improving my English because l am not a native English speaker.

The language barrier is not an obstacle for every person with a dream and a goal and practise makes you perfect. l started practising by writing my personal SEO experiences to this website with small blog posts which are not very technical but they are more real and reveals another aspect of myself.

From the small age of five l liked the idea of speaking many languages and communicating with so many people of different nationalities and countries and l did it in one way or another.

l think it is time to get to this thing again!

Thank you and l hope you can find something interested on my blog!

101 tips to massive increase blog traffic

How to Increase Blog Traffic

1. Create lists.

2. Write a tutorial.

3. Give away your very best content for free!

4. Be current – write about tomorrow today.

5. Be timeless – write a post that will remain current for years.

7. Write with “everybody is entitled to my opinion” attitude.

8. Write about other bloggers’ best posts.

10. Make your own TOP TEN  list.

11. Become an expert in your niche.

12. Do interviews with the “cream of the crop”.

13. Use polls, giveaways, and other eye candy.

14. Answer your comments.

15. Answer your email.

16. Write on a controversial topic and close comments.

17. Make readers depend on you by sharing your expertise generously.

18. Write about blogging.

19. Take an alternate position.

20. Write a post for beginners.

21. Ask experts to make comments on your best posts.

22. Write an advanced post.

23. Encourage your readers to digg, tweet, like, and plus your posts.

24. Write about Google.

25. Write about Twitter.

26. Bookmark all your posts.

27. Research a topic and post your findings.

28. Run relevant ads that are even better than your content.

29. Write exclusively about a certain theme for a week.

30. Ask a question everyone else is afraid of asking.

31. Use your skills to help a non-profit – pro bono.

32. Update an old post with new ideas.

33. Crowdsource your next post idea to your readers.

34. Use an outrageous photo.

35. Make it easy to share what you are doing.

36. Encourage visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed.

37. Give visitors a good reason to opt in to your list.

38. Pioneer a great topic and then encourage others to blog about the same thing.

39. Don’t overwhelm visitors with too many options.

40. Write a list of 101 people, blogs, topics in your niche.

41. Make a post that solves a problem.

42. Make a post that inspires.

43. Encourage your followers to help you dominate top blog lists.

44. Do a 100-day challenge.

45. Write a long comment.

46. Share your blog statistics with your readers.

47. Pick a topic by reading business book titles.

48. Pick a headline by reading top Dugg stories.

49. Start a discussion in your blog comments.

50. Answer your readers questions in a post.

51. Challenge your fellow bloggers by writing something nearly borderline about them and close comments.

52. Share link love and expect some back.

53. Add to the list started by another blogger.

54. Be complimentary.

55. Do your market research on

56. Write about stuff that most people want to read about, like Web 2.0.

57. Disprove a myth.

58. Write a post about something merely good, but not great.
101 tips to massive increase blog traffic

59. Constantly read other blogs, leave comments, look for ideas.

60. Create cornerstone content.

61. Skip introductions and get to the meat of the posts – your readers do.

62. Point out something ironic or contradictory.

63. Write a series of posts.

64. Come up with a more efficient way of doing something.

65. Create a widget or plugin.

66. Make your content unmissable.

67. Be everywhere, all at once.

68. Take in other people’s ideas, learn from them constantly.

69. Tell a story through pictures.

70. Focus on unmonetized, but high-trafficked searches.

71. Combine some of your best older posts into a new series.

72. Treat every day as a new beginning, because you’ll always have new readers.

73. Be patient.

74. Post on the weekdays because more people will read it.

75. Change up your posting style every once in a while, like do reviews, etc.

76. Showcase some of your best posts on Squidoo lens.

77. Post on the weekends because there are less posts.

78. Leverage April Fool’s day with an outrageous truth.

79. Write about how things have changed in your niche.

80. Invite your readers to do guest posting for you.

81. Answer your readers questions with more questions.

82. Aggregate ideas, tips, etc from numerous places/blogs into a blog post.

83. Attend a live event and broadcast about it.

84. Write a post about a scam.

85. Write about everything under the sun so that you don’t bore your readers.

86. Alternative to link exchange: get a group of bloggers together and write reviews for each other’s blogs.

87. Connect with your blogging peers and share ideas.

88. Create a guide for your niche.

89. Write posts that includes tons of trackbacks to other blogs so that other blogger will notice you.

90. Make a post simplifying a complex problem.

91. Create a huge list of your best posts.

92. Give credit to those who inspired your post.

93. Respond to criticism in a post (i.e. criticism of you, your company, of the way you squint your eyes, etc).

94. Tell a great story.

95. Put some thought into post formatting – increases readability.

96. Check out your competitors’ archives to see if some of their old posts can be turned into an updated version on your blog.

97. Write a post that uses the words “futile” and “desperate”.

98. Write something to inspire and motivate your readers, especially if you don’t do it on a regular basis.

99. Review your analytics to see what keywords are brining in traffic and make more posts on those.

100. Contrast two or more positions in your post.

101. Invite a couple of bloggers with opposing opinions for a duel on your blog.

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100 day marathon blogging challenge

How is it going? l was watching the european soccer prefinal match between Germany and Greece and l was thinking how amazing soccer players are. This sport rocks! Despite our national team lost, results doesn’t always matters, they managed to play in a very high and competitive level against Germany. So l admire them.

My sport is blogging, blogging for a purpose, blogging for money or making a living through blogging! That is nicer! But what is kind of sport is blogging for a living? lf l would be a professional athlete l would be a marathon racer.

Why? The answer its simple, because blogging is like a marathon, if you like to succeed and make a difference you have to blog every day! Every single day you have to make your own research and write about your favorite topic! Business also is a marathon, its not a high speed 100 metre race, as an entrepreneur, you are a racer, not a spreader! Daily habits are bringing the results because they are forming your character and you develop stamina. Start blogging NOW!

So what are the long-term profits of blogging?

1. Blogging creates 100% unique content.

2. Unique quality content takes greater search engines ranking, because search engines value unique content very much. Bt saying content, l do not only mean article writing or copywriting, l mean about video marketing production, presentations, photos, email marketing, ebooks and books.

3. It builds your personal brand. Do you know what is the most important thing on the planet? YOU! You are special, you are the center of you personal business, by blogging you are building your credibility, because the difference between written and oral speech is that written speech is to last forever! Do you know that in Greece there are museums that have written stone discs from 1.700 B.C? Phaistos Disc is from that age and it is written in an uknown gramical inscription from a dead language. The language is lost, the civilization is lost, the script is there forever! Start blogging my friend!

4. Your blog will produce to you new money and new leads, even months or years after the time you had blogged.

5. It position yourself as a leader and as a writer. It doesn’t matter what you were doing for a living before, it doesnt’  matter what your primary business is, blogging will make you a different person. Do you know what it takes to write a book? To write the first page. This is blogging. Consistency is your greatest driver of success.

Personally speaking, l have been reading all these days many blogs and dynamic websites. And do you know what l found? Many of them are dead! They are more zombie blogs than people on the earth! Yes! How it comes? because many started and gave up! Are you a wussy or a hustler? Are you a quitter? How many times you started something in life and quit it? Stop nagging and focus on one only thing! Blogging! Blog till you succeed! Its a marathon habit for a marathon business!

Good luck! l love you!