Copywriting 101: The four basic steps of copywriting

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Copywriting 101: The four basic steps of copywriting

Have you ever wondered what makes a book a best seller? Why the news headlines are so magnetic while the news are so vague? What a noble laureate in literature has in common with a million dollar internet marketer?

Both of them are using magnetic copywriting techniques. Writing headlines is the most important copywriting skill, and that is the reason the news have compelling headlines that are not real many times!


Step 1: Who you are?

The first step of copywriting is to introduce yourself. Who you are? Tell something about yourself, about your position, your capacity and your traits or hobbies, or your personal story that will make them feel connected or related with you.

For instance:

Hello, l am John Divramis l am an internet marketer, a home business owner and l run my own blog l have been struggling in network marketing for two years and l thought whether it could be a better way instead of cold calling and hunting your friends and family.


Step 2: What do you have?

The next step is to tell them what do you have. here is the chance to unfold your unique selling proposition, without selling. The four steps of copywriting is not a sales pitch, is not a sales letter. It not about making the people to take buying decisions, even though sometimes they will, but to give them your hook to enter your list. A new lead is valuable for you, as soon as it can in the process transformed to a customer, a friend or a partner.

For instance:

l have a free e-book for you called MLM Affiliate Magic. It is one of the best ebooks l ever read in internet marketing and it changed my whole way of thinking about the internet marketing profession. Since l have read the e-book, l have changed my perception about how to position myself. Instead of prospecting, l have  done the exactly opposite. l started attracting people to me.


Step 3: Why do they need it?


In step 3 we have to tell the other why do they really need what we have. Bullet points are useful, but even simple words can do the job. A squeeze page or landing page would be an option as well, like this one: 

For instance:

If you find yourself related with this struggling situation, trying to recruit people to your marketing opportunity, then stop. You need my e-book to escape from the rat race and starting making some real money. In this book you will learn the boomerang sponsoring technique that can help you sponsor as many people as you want per month without any sweat and cry. Also you will learn how to stop hunting people and become the hunted instead.


Step 4: How can they get it?

The next step is how they can get your offer or what you have for them. You need to point least one way  of how they can get your product or service.

For instance:

You can get my e-book MLM Affiliate Magic, simply by joining my newletter here. By joining my newletter, l will be able to send you more free valuable staff every week directly to your inbox. So, hurry up and grab your free MLM Affiliate copy know!

copywriting 101 the four basic steps of copywriting

Did you get you own copy or not yet? It is a real life example and l like it very much one someone opt-ins! l am glad that l can help him see the things the opposite way! Helping people make their first 100 dollars online is one of the best feeling l ever experienced! l would be glad to ve the next!
The above four steps are not only contextual, it can be combined with video, pictures, infograms, landing pages and some action! The bottom line is to capture attention with our headlines, to say a story and to deliver a message to the final user. This message is non-verbal but has to do with the value the potential customer will gain from us. Period.


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copywriting 101 the four basic steps of copywriting

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