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What is Google Dance?


When l first built  my blog and this is not so long time ago, l was very excited and l was trying all this new technology things, l had the shiny object syndrome, the amateur syndrome and the “Down Syndrome” in web traffic and search engines optimization. l just had opened a google analytics account, l connected the account with my blog and l was waiting to sse what fish l caught. l started looking my stats every day then every two hours and twice an hour sometimes! Every day the same song, for several days! l was dancing the google dance. How many now? why only 50? How about yesterday? Where did they came from? This was my story with google dance.  l have made a new post two hours ago? How was the ranking? The keywords? Wron keywords again. And this happened go and forth fo hours even for days…But what is exactly google dance?

It’s the period when Google is rebuilding its rankings, and results fluctuate widely for a 3 to 5 day period. The name “Google Dance” was in the past used to describe the period that a major index update of the Google search engine are being implemented. These major Google index update occured on average every 36 days or 10 times per year. It was easiest be identified by significant changes in search results, and by an updating of Google’s cache of all indexed pages. These changes would be evident from one minute to the next. But the update did not proceed as a switch from one index to another like the flip of a switch. In fact, it took several days to finish the complete update of the index.

Since August 2003, the famous Google Dance  it has become less dramatic. Google now performs updates every week, with most movement occuring on Mondays. These ongoing updates feature mostly minor algorithm and index updates. So because google cannot stop operating and has to crawl thousands of websites and pages, this updates need more time to happesn. That is the reason that indexing a web pages needs more time then an older one, which is already indexed.

According to Matt Cutts from Google, nowadays, you rarely hear about people talking about a Google Dance because Google releases updates, mostly minor, throughout the day. These include index updates every minute and algorithm updates several times per month, over once a day. Is that true? l don’t know. l was still dancing my onw google dance.


Google Dance And Page Ranking

Because of the nature of PageRank, the calculations need to be performed about 40 times and, because the index is so large, the calculations take several days to complete. During this period, the search results fluctuate; sometimes minute-by minute. It is because of these fluctuations that the term, Google Dance, was coined. The dance usually takes place sometime during the last third of each month.

Google has two other servers that can be used for searching. The search results on them also change during the monthly update and they are part of the Google dance.

For the rest of the month, fluctuations sometimes occur in the search results, but they should not be confused with the actual dance.

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dancing the google dance

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