Day 14- Content is the King

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Day 14 today of our 100 days blogging marathon, and l am consistently blogging daily, sometimes l have done four posts in a row! Amazing, l can’ t hold myself because l love very much what l am doing. Anyway?How are you today? How are you spending your time? Here is another hot Sunday with not many people on the city, most of them went to the beaches nearby.

My today subject is Content is the King! As l told you before, if you want to play with the big boys and to raise your blog traffic, attract new visitors and increase conversions rate, you need good quality content.


Why content matters

First you must think as a search engine. Search engines like google and many others big search engines are making their search based on text. They are not based on animation, videos, photos etc. So bear in mind that a search engine is looking always for good and unique content. Search engines hate duplicated content, it is useless to have the same articles in our blog twice or repeated many times, offering no value to our users at all.

Always ask yourself this question: If you are a search engine, what kind of development resources will help make you more effective? As a major search engine for instance Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.  you will benefit from millions upon millions of dollars of development effort.

Second, you must create real value to the user. Why to come to your site? Is it a waste of time? are you offering something with real value or not? Are new visitors bouncing on your site or they stay and read?

The third rule of thumb is to offer something for free. Even offer everything for free! Then the new user thinks if they are offering everything for free on beforehand, imagine what they are going to offer inside! This is one of the basics concepts of attraction marketing or boomerang marketing.  Offer everything for free is the real value to the visitor. They will come back asking more and more again. So Picture this: Having thousands of thousands of new visitors that are returning to your site because you simply offer to them great value, asking for more. It’s like the candy store effect.

Four, review your content always before submission or after submission. This is like after post service, it is hilarious but reminds me of the after sales service that offer many high street motor companies such as Toyota. l like Toyota’s strategy and l took many things from them. creating my own marketing strategy.


Where to find quality content?

That is a million dollar question. It is like asking for rain in the desert? No absolutely not! But where else? In the search engines! Quality content is everywhere. Make your own research on the web, on the blogosphere and find topics that are good and relevant with you or your target audience, your market niche. What a headache this word causes me! Just look upon to other blog authors that are best-selling! Like David Bach, Antony Robbins, Warren Buffet, Paolo Cohelo!, Look what they offer, what they say, why they are famous and best-selling authors?

And a final piece of advice. Keep it simple. Blogging is not a rocket science, as good content. It is better to be yourself and write about a topic that you know it well and many other people would ask you about it, rather to try to copy something you don’ t even know. A good start is to use yahoo answers. Asking and answering questions for every topic you can imagine. Find your place there!

Nice to blog with you! Have a nice day! See you on day 15!

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day 14 content is the king

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