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Hello Folks!, how are you? Day 17 today of the 100 days blogging marathon! l was thinking of making some redesigning job for my website and l was looking which theme to choose for a personal branding blog like this one. So l found on the internet and in wordpress page, but also in many other web design and wordpress design sites, a lot of new themes. l could say that since a premium design wordpress them starts from 9 dollars and it can worth even 150 dollars, if you are a beginner and you don’t want to spend any many, then you have a wide array of choices.



10 Best Free WordPress Themes

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1.  Flexibility 3 for WordPress

Flexibility 3 allows you to take complete creative freedom with your    WordPress theme. Customize widths, fonts, colors, images and more from an easy-to-use options panel. Suitable for google Adsense and it can almost beat every premium theme because of its high flexibility. Its name tells us all!








2. Designora WordPress Theme

A very well designed theme for wordpress with lots of widgets, very customizable menus, images and easy to use control panel.








3. Wise Business WordPress Theme

This is an excellent free theme by Site5. It has a fully configurable theme options panel and is one of the best free themes we’ve seen. Installation and configuration instructions can be found on the company’s website, while its very easy to customize and to install it even if you are not an advanced user.









4. SoulVision WordPress Theme

SoulVision is a 3-column widget-ready theme with a wide top sidebar that works great for ads, RSS feeds or other wide content. This theme was created using the ThemeDreamer extension for Dreamweaver and its look like a normal static website and so much like a blog. One of the best themes l have ever seen.









5. Xhilaration for WordPress

Based on our ModXBlog theme, this is also an AdSense-optimized theme that includes prestyled areas for easy insertion of AdSense ads. It’s a 3-column widget-ready theme with 3 configurable sidebar positions including the top, left sidebar and right sidebar. This theme includes built-in support for Breadcrumb-NavXT and Rob Marsh’s Post Plugin Library. One of the best choices on the net!









6. MixedMedia Series WordPress Themes

MixedMedia is 3-column theme with built-in support for the following plugins:

  • WP-pagenavi – adds pagination navigation to multiple-page categories and archives
  • Sociable – styled to fit nicely in the theme, one of the best social media plugin for sharing
  • Breadcrumb-NavXT – adds breadcrumb navigation to the top of pages you select
  • Rob Marsh’s Post Plugin Library – included support for Similar Posts, Recent Posts and Recent Comments

The theme also includes a pre-styled sidebar box for affiliate advertising ads, ideally 125×125 pixel ads. Make sure to read the readme.txt file for more details on how to configure the theme.









7. Twenty  Eleven Word Press Theme

A very innovative, two-column theme from the WordPress Theme. Is the default theme for WordPress in 2011. There are tons of really cool improvements and features packed into it — more Post Formats, beautiful new header images, alternate color schemes and layouts, even custom link colors. One of the best features is its random header photos that are also fully customizable. A very good choice to start with. l have to notice that the most plugins are written for this theme.








8. Responsive Word Press Theme

Responsive WordPress Theme that features 9 page Templates such as Blog, Blog Summary and Template based layout designs. There is also full width page, sitemap Template as well as landing page for your PPC or any other purposes. It is translated in many foreign languages.









9. Annotum Base Theme

An open-source, open-process, open-access scholarly authoring and publishing platform based on WordPress, built on the Carringon Theme framework. It is one of the most complete word press themes.








10. PageLines WordPress Theme

A responsive drag-and-drop platform for professional websites based on HTML5 and CSS3. PageLines has multiple template areas for every aspect of your site including blog, category, and archive view.


The Winner!

And the winner is … Flexibility 3! As l test drived all of them, l work out that flexibility is the most friendly user, customizable and upgradable WordPress Theme for Free!


Do you want to learn more about blogging and you do not know how?




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day 17 the best 10 free wordpress themes

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