Day 21 – 7 Blogging Principles

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Hello Folks? How are you today? Day 21 of the 100 day blogging marathon and a new month drop in. l hope this month to achieve your dreams and hopes and choose a nice place to go on vacations! My today topic is 7 principles for blogging!

7 Blogging Principles


1. Write For People, Not The Search Engines

l never wrote something for the search engines in my entire life! how it comes? When l started blogging with the empower network , l didn’t know anything about search engine optimization, the proper software programs and any other strategies about the keywords, the article spinning methods. it was just me and the web! l never realized that all the other people were doing the opposite, but l learn blogging simply by writing about what l loved most. To write for the search engines is not for me a good start for any blogger. This is a mistake that many bloggers do when they  start blogging. They write for the search engines, not for people. By writing for the search engines, I mean writing highly optimized blog posts for instance keyword stuffing.

Putting keywords in the title, description and plastering dozens of them throughout my content making it look unnatural. You can optimize your content all day long, just as long it looks natural.

So instead of writing highly optimized crap that might potentially rank higher in the search engines, write for your audience. Write interesting, fun, exciting and pillar worthy content that people love to share – SEO comes second. Content is king if you really want to set your blog up for success.


2. Ask your Audience!

Getting feedback is a critical part of blogging and everything else in life. What you think is good doesn’t matter. If you think your blog looks better one way, and your readers think otherwise, go with your readers opinions. It doesn’t matter the value you think your blog has, but the perceived value of your audience. Make a poll, ask for comments, look the social signals! Make a research on forums or look what the people are interested in.

The third blogging principle is more important than the other two!

3. Build A Community or a Forum

The community is everything. A blog community is essentially a group of loyal subscribers who like, read and share everything you publish. You can build a community by asking visitors to opt-in to your list, subscribe to your RSS feed or follow you on a social network. All you have to do is capture visitors and put them somewhere they’ll hear about your new stuff. It’s that simple. You can also build a forum in your blog, it’s very easy and encourage the members to write there for you.


4. Organize Your Blogging Time

If you’re going to setup a bad ass blog, you better make time for it! Time is the biggest blog killer. People setup blogs without committing to them. So if you’re going to setup a blog for success; put aside 3 hours per day at the very least. One hour is to write and two hours to promote your blog. This should happen consistently for the first 100 days if you want to have any results. This is actually and the cores of Empower Network System.


5. Is Your Blog Overwhelming?

So stop putting everything on  your sidebar! I mean it because l sued to do the same in the very early days. l got the shiny object syndrome and l couldn’t figure out the good from the bad. Stuffing your sidebar full of ads, social icons, images, links and other clutter ruin’s conversions. The more clutter you have, the less likely a visitor will take an action at all.


6. Do you have a Unique Selling Proposition?

If you want to setup your blog for immense success, it needs a unique selling point. It needs to be unique in some special way. Find your blog’s USP and promote it.

I think the seventh blogging principle will make for you a difference!

7. Blog Daily

Be consistent and never give up. Even if you’re not seeing a profit or strong reaction in the first 3 months, just know that you’re building a powerful asset and launch platform. Blog daily is the secret of success and be patient!

See you tomorrow on day 22!!!



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day 21 7 blogging principles

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