Day 27 – Is My New Course A Scam?

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Is My New How To Start Your Own Internet Business Blog Course A Scam?

Hello Folks! How are you today, day 27 of the 100 day blogging marathon challenge! l feel excited!

l haven’t finished my How to start an internet business blog Free Course where you can find it on the Free Training section of my website and someone told me on Facebook that this course sucks and is again one of this internet free scams!

l got up my nerves, feeling very disappointed with me and with him. Is it really my free training course a scam? Definitely not.

You see, l thought that every new entrepreneur that want to start his own internet business should start first with his own blog. The first step is to have a personal blog. l regret to tell you l didn’t do it a years ago when l was starting over with network marketing and Organo Gold. You can see more about my online business opportunity in the My Opportunity Tab on my internet business blog. So the first step is to understand the imperative need for a personal business blog. Then the second step is where to start. It is easy to outsource to a web designer or a programming firm, but this don’ t work very well every time.

You need to do your due diligence and to study of the content, the niche, the sources of traffic and how will monetize your blog effectively. No to mention that for every new starter this is a totally new world, so l believe the best l have to offer to the new starters was a how to guide. My how to free course has five big chapters:

1. Niche

What is a market niche?

In the first part of our e-course we are going to talk about the first thing we must do if we want to start an internet business blog. This is to find and define our internet business blog market niche. Why market niche is so important? How can we define the word market niche? A niche is a part of bigger market and has two key characteristics. It is homogeneous and visible from the other niches. A niche is a market segment of a bigger market. The consumer pie is divided in many smaller pieces, the segment and the segment is divided to market niches.

2. Content

In the second part of our online course we are going to talk about one of the most important things that makes a blog successful, and that is with one word: Content. In a previous article Content is the king, l wrote about this topic, but now we are going to extend it more further. When we say content we mean not only the text, the videos and the pictures of you internet business blog, but also the graphical environment, the WordPress theme that you picked and advertisements, the widgets, the footer, the header and the title of you internet business blog.

3. Traffic

Traffic is a two-way conversation on our blog. It is about building relationships and it will help make our internet blogging business a viable business model.

4. Monetization

An internet business blog monetization is to convert traffic into customer that they will buy from us one of our products or services, in general. Sometimes this would happen by no conversion at all, if we target only to advertising income. After we have built our blog and we are generating traffic, we need to convert this traffic into leads, the leads into customers and then to repetitive buyers, affiliates, partners etc. That is the general principle. When will we see our blog to produce money? It depends, some people are starting making money for the first month blogging, while others are starting making money on the sixth month! Why is that? Because as every business it has a seed period before the monetization. The seed period will vary from 0-6 months.

5. Optimization

Is to optimize our blog theme and to bring it in line with our target audience wants and needs.  Apart from that we have to adjust everything we have in the blog and is not working or not gaining much traffic with that content that is more popular. For instance if we notice that the pillar articles are better than the epic, we will write more pillar articles. If the topic affiliate marketing is better than the topic think and grow rich, then we will adjust our blog to the most popular categories. This means that some categories have to leave, merge and we have to replace them with other categories.


In every chapter you learn precisely what you need to start you new internet business on autopilot.

To your Success,



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day 27 is my new course a scam

day 27 is my new course a scam

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day 27 is my new course a scam

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day 27 is my new course a scam

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