Day 59 – What is the Google Slap?

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What is the Google Slap?

l usually remember the 90s when some negative publicity goofy things happened with Microsoft and went so viral that anybody could know a joke about Microsoft and Billy Gates. Now the technology pushed Google to the position of  Microsoft and everything odd or bad about Google is trendy and popular. So after the Google Boobs, we will deal with another Google human alike activity, the Google Slap!

The Google Slap is every bit as nasty as it sounds. The Google Slap is when Google deactivates your keywords until you either pay an extraordinary penalty cost per click, or make some changes to increase your quality score of your site or blog.

A penalty cost per click means that instead of paying  just 10 cents per click, the cost per click was 20 cents, you can be forced to pay anything between 1 and 50 dollars per click.

At the same time, the position of your ad drops significantly and as a result your web traffic both paid and free is falling.

Major Google Slaps happens with the Google Algorithm Updates when whole internet marketing businesses  have vanished almost overnight. The Google Slap damage is not irreversible, but it needs time to curate your blogs content and achieve a greater quality score.


What is the quality score?

To prevent the Google Slap, you need some idea of how Google determines it’s Quality Score for your advert and your content.

As soon as Google’s reputation rests on its ability to match users with the best and most relevant content for whatever they are looking for,  they can’t afford to have people clicking through to shallow sites. Shallow sites, cloaked URLs, redirected links, link farms or duplicate content is deprived from Google Search engines results. The same happens with the trashy adverts.

To keep the system running fine, Google had made a complicated algorithm to ensure the quality of your site, site links and adverts.


How to survive after the Google Slap

Picture above: Thanasis Veggos, has been slapped several times and the most of them with no reason. At least Google is a reasonable Slapper.

To survive after the Google Slap Effect you need to curate your content, both in terms of quality and marketing.

Landing Page Redesign

You need to build a new good quality landing page and a new advert. Use your own copy files and avoid the duplicate content both in your blog and in your landing pages.

Better Targeted  Keywords

On a basic level, a good quality landing page must have the important keyword phrases in the title tags and H1 tags. These are not only the things your visitors will see first, but also the things the bots seem to place the most emphasis on when crawling your site.

Better Content

Better content  means better landing pages and quality and honest ads.  One-page landing sites will gain low-quality scores. The customer needs more pages to see that your blog has some authority of gravity. It is better to add a blog in our landing pages or to add some useful and valuable content.

The old marketing techniques with many pop-up windows, hidden links and redirected bad graphic pages are now doomed by Google.

Your new content should be in line with the new quality guidelines and it should be build for the people. If your blog is shallow or has disgusting graphics or it has no internal value, then you will not get a high quality rank.

The After Penguin Era

 Penguin was an update to the Google algorithm that was released on the 24th of April, with intention of apparently penalizing sites for over-optimization, otherwise known as spamming.

If you were a bit tricky with your Google Advertising, then you should be considered by Google as a spammer.

Now you have to focus on quality, unique content and how to build a blog with compelling content that would last at least for the next five years. A good quality blog that would escort every landing page or advert, is the only solution to survive and thrive to the After Penguin Era.


To Your Success,


John Divramis

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