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Top 10 Blog Posts


Hello Everybody! 7 days left before my moving to Munich, Germany and l thought instead of an Obituary and some nostalgic thoughts to write about the Top 10 Blog Posts l made in my  Internet Business Blog. Every change in our lifes is for good, so it is time to move on!

l have made more than 150 blog posts until now, and it is a quite difficult to figure out which l love best. Also, don’t worry you will not lose me, since l will keep blogging from Munich, because blogging is my passion and my glory.


Top 10 Blog Posts

1. New Freemium Super Affiliate Marketing eBook

My new Freemium Super Affiliate Marketing e-book is now a fact and one of my biggest dreams l had since childhood came true. The book covers all the basic aspects of Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, SEO, WordPress, lead generation etc.

You can download the e-book valued $17 here for FREE.

2. Top 10 ClickBank Affiliate Programs

One of the best post for those who want to jump-start with affiliate marketing and they don’t have a lot of time to try all the Clickbank affiliate programs. It is not a Clickbank ultimate guide, but it an excellent walk through to start.


3. The Three Biggest Success Secrets in Internet Marketing and Blogging

The three biggest success secrets in internet marketing and blogging are: Content is the King,  The Money is in the List and Split Test is the Path to Success! l cannot make them more simple than this!


4. New Home Based Business Trends In America

  • A new home based business is started every 12 seconds in America
  • There are 38 million Home Based Businesses in the USA
  • 70% of the Home Based Business succeed within 3 years versus 30% of regular business
  • 44%  of Home Based Business are started for under $5,000
  • 70% of Americans would prefer to be self-employed
  • $427 billion per year is made by Home Based Business

After that will you start your own home business?


5. From GoogleBot to GoogleBoobs

One of the most popular posts, however, and a big proof that sex sells as the boobs sells in internet marketing too. What it starts as an experiment in 2004 by Google, just before launching its big Google Ad Product Campaign, they came to this conclusion: Apart from every advertising campaign the higher rate noticed in the campaign shere the ad had a girl with cleavage.

The girl with cleavage outperformed the competition with a conversion rate reaching 70%-80% That experiment passed in the Internet History as the Google Boobs.


6. Blogging Is Sexy

Is blogging sexy? Apart from a profitable habit, a nice hobby or a way to become rich and famous is SEXY. l sy that because l loved blogging form the first time l blogged. Is it love from the frist sight? Of course, give it a try, maybe you will find blogging sexy too.


7.  17 Content Superstar Marketing Ideas

As many times we said Content is the King. WHY? Because content attracts people and the search engines. Why to come to your site? Is it a waste of time? are you offering something with real value or not? Are new visitors bouncing on your site or they stay and read?


8. White Hat SEO Or Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO or White Hat SEO? l prefer White hat because it has lasting results. However black hat is a bit funny and entertaining but white hat is for the real bloggers. As a matter of fact are you a blogger or  a spammer? Because you can’t be both in the internet field.


9. Superstar Marketing Part 1

Superstar Marketing  System  is basically allowing your business prospects to pay all or most of the expenses that you accrue through promoting your business. With Superstar Marketing , you constantly “feed your list with valuable content” and they end up coming back to you and joining your business because they feel you have something of value to offer them.


10.How to start an Internet Business Blog Part 1

This Epic article is separated in 5 different parts:

1. Niche

2. Content

3. Traffic

4. Monetization

5. Optimization

These are the pillar of every successful blog and internet marketing site. You can learn the basics of internet marketing and decode the secrets of blogging with simply walking through the five series of blog posts.

Also if you feel that you want to learn more in order to make money blogging or with affiliate marketing, just feel free to get my new e-book Super Affiliate Marketing, valued $17 today free!


P.S. A blog post that l like much and l would like to mention that it takes the position 11 is The Four Seasons Of Network Marketing. l think network marketing is a very huge work from home industry that has totally reinvent itself the last decade. Enjoy!!!


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