Day 40 – Google to Kiss Keywords Goodbye?

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Google to Kiss Keywords Goodbye?

Hello Folks! Breaking news today in the SEO town!

When it comes to SEO, keeping ahead of the competitors and  guessing what Google is going to do next is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your success. The most difficult barrier with SEO is that it is based purely on the way that Google operates.  Google is constantly changing the way it does that. What are the next breaking changes that google is going to make?

l made my research yesterday to bring you here the most fresh news about google and its new updates. Since the last updates, Panda and Penguin had changed the web map forever, every new google update is very essential to some and critical to other site owners. After the last updates, many people found their websites loosing many positions in google pageranking and a whole industry vanished overnight. There were people making  $400.000 a month with Google Adsense and they lost their income and traffic almost overnight.

Of course Google want to improve their service and to get generally better, so we can expect that over time they will make Google more and more advanced in order to please the end-user. At the same time it’s fair to say that Google is going to try to become more intuitive and simple to use, so again the changes are likely to push Google in this direction. Google is focusing on quality and is trying to see the web through a human’s eyes. The old mechanistic way of finding search results is not the optimum, so now google is trying to mimic the human mind when it comes to the searching experience.

In other words, to protect your current ranking or to start ranking in a better position in google you need to adjust yourself to the new google changes. Of course you need to guess them and anticipate what is going to be Google’s next move at any given point.

 Google Updates

1. Better social integration

This is something we are already seeing with Google Plus, but it’s probably safe to presume that over time social media and social networking are going to play a greater and greater role in the way that Google assesses a siteor blog. Imagine a world where the more Google +1s a page gets, the higher it climbs up the rankings. The same will be with the likes on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and many other basic social media. Actuallym are more than 350, now!

2. The End of Poor Grammar

Poor spelling already affects your SEO as it means you have less content that will match the search terms. Moreover google now corrects misspellings. However, in the future Google will be less strict in grammar mistakes and misspellings. Probably it will stop penalizing them.

3. Synonyms instead of Keywords 

Keywords have been the all important indicator for Google for some time, and Google can use this to look for exact matches between what someone is looking for and the content of a website. However exact matches are easy to spam and they aren’t very helpful for users. Google is starting to debate about semantic search recently where they hope to get more of an understanding of what people want almost like. Instead of searching for exact matches, they will start searching for synonyms. That is true. People are not precise thinkers, they like to connect or paraphrase words. Synonyms are more human and not so easy to spam. Will Google copy the human mind in searching?

Keep in touch to see! We will come with more SEO predictions soon!


To your success,



google kiss keywords goodby

google kiss keywords goodby

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google kiss keywords goodby

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