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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic




Blog traffic can be a great headache when you are not good at SEO or in internet marketing. How to increase your blog traffic using SEO methods is one of the most important things a webmaster and a savvy marketer should know well.

If you feel that you have left behind a bit in this skill,  don’t feel upset. In this article post we will cover the basics of increasing your blog traffic.



What is blog traffic?


Blog traffic is the number of the visitors you have in your blog daily. To have more visitors, you need to simply attract them. Attraction marketing is one of the best techniques for bringing more visitors to your blog. Attraction marketing is a similar technique with superstar marketing and superstar sponsoring.

Since blogging is like dating, where you place the bait and you expect the visitors to like you and to flirt with your blog and the services you offer, attraction is the best way to generate blog traffic. When someone likes  a blog, a product, a restaurant, then he suggests or refer it to someone else.

Great and compelling content in your blog will make a lot of your visitors to come back bringing more and more visitors with them.

Moreover, some other bloggers or surfers will talk about your blog and many of them will create backlinks to the social media, or to other blogs. This is called social buzz or viral marketing.



Blog Traffic and Viral Marketing


Virology or viral marketing is to create buzz about a brand, a product or a name and leverage its traffic through the word of mouth and other viral marketing methods.

In his great book Virology, Mike Filsaime, explains how “some of the biggest marketers online are making a killing and investing next to nothing in advertising. On the contrary, every poor Joe Somebody is trying to make ends meet and pawning the family jewels to buy more advertising!” It is very frustrating but it is like the story with the beggar and the king. Both the beggar and the king have 24 hours! Do you want to become the king of viral marketing or the beggar of advertising?



What is the best blog traffic method?


The best traffic method is this one which creates the greatest buzz and it is spread like a virus. For me the best is the unique compelling content. This is the basis of every traffic. An authority blog is a great source of blog traffic, conversions and money. But how easy is to create an authority blog? It isn’t quite difficult but not too  easy as well.

We need to use some personal branding and to position yourself as an expert in order to acquire a level of authority.



Backlinking  as a source of blog traffic


If you don’t have an authority blog, and you need to raise your page rank and your search engine rankings, you should create some good backlinks. There are many ways of creating backlinks. Here are some sourcesfor good backlinks l consider reliable and effective:

1. Forum Posting

Forums are a great meeting point for professional bloggers, internet enthusiasts and many other industry persons. Forums l like best is Technorati and The Warrior Forum.


2. Article Writing

Article writing is a time-consuming but steady source of blog traffic. l personally write articles for the EzineArticles and the Streetarticles. If you like writing or you have a dream to be an author or an expert in something, then article writing is for you.


3. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging  means writing high quality content that you then give away to real blogs in exchange to a link back to your site. This of course benefits everyone and the blog owner gets free high quality content, while you get a free one-way link from a high-profile site.


4. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another method for backlinks creation and is a not spread enough in the blogging community. Blog commenting has a dual purpose, to connect with other bloggers out there and to create backlinks.


5. Blog Pinging

Blog pinging can create some automatic links, although l cannot guarantee 100% that you will take the backlinks they promised you. A free service l use for automatic backlinking is Backlink Creator.


6. Link exchanges

l usually accept some link exchange offers, but l doubt the reciprocal credibility of the other exchange part. For link exchange l prefer Tribe pro.

Tribe pro is a traffic and blog content syndication site that helps you to  post and exchange links and good quality content with other members of your tribe.


7. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a very easy technique. You just create several social network profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. There are more than 350 social bookmarking networks and if you have an ambition to become a social media magnet, then you should need an automation WordPress plugin like Shareaholic.

Shareaholic is one of the greatest WordPress plugins l use and it is also plugs into every known browser. Definitely a must for every blogger!


8. Free Press releases

Another good backlinking source is Tribe pro. Tribe pro is a traffic and blog content syndication site that helps you to exchange and post links and good quality content with other members of your tribe.



Paid sources of blog traffic


Apart form the free sources of blog traffic, such as search engines ranking, we have the paid sources of traffic like the internet advertising or the offline advertising. Internet advertising is also known as media buying.

Reliable advertising services are Goodle Adwords, Microsoft Advertising Center, Adbrite   and many other advertising and content networks. Facebook has also a very good pay-per-click advertising service that is cheaper than Google and l used it many times for promoting my blog.

Some other but not so reliable and for me controversial sources of paid traffic are sites that sell web traffic. There are many sites you can buy 2.000-50.000 uniques visitors per month. The quality of the visitors is ambivalent and l heard many people claim that they had no results at all, as the traffic they paid for was from China!

Traffic is good but untargeted traffic will lead you nowhere. You will never make money with untargeted traffic, and if  you ever make any, it will be less of your expectations.



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