How To Market Your Internet Business Blog With No Money

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How To Market Your Internet Business Blog With No Money

In a competitive market with more that 70 million blogs, making money through blogging and creating a little traffic stream for you internet blogging business seems to be more difficult than the previous decade. Which free and no money methods are available and reliable? Which however technique works better? Should we test them all for a week and then judge what technique work?

First of all here is a list of free traffic techniques.

1. Writing unique and outstanding articles. The articles can be categorized in five big categories.

  • Pillar articles in our blog. it can be how to articles.
  • The definition article. To define something in the industry, or to be used as a guide.
  • List article, listing a top ten, a top twenty. This kind of articles are very easy to read and very popular.
  • Serial or educational articles, you can start writing educational articles for a topic you know well and give the education free.
  • Epic articles. Epic articles are big articles. like extended posts from 1.500 to 2.500 words.

2. Free press releases. You can launch a free press release of a new product, event or service that your internet business sells or endorses or  promotes. Some free press releases sites are the, and

3. Built a forum, you can start building a forum and give the main guidelines if the topic discussed there. There are many easy WordPress plugins for forums. l personally prefer a simple forum plugin called Mingle forum. if you are not the type of hard-working webmaster and you don’t want to have the hassle to maintain your own forum, you can simply write in other forums and drive traffic there to your internet business blog. Make you appearance to the community and try to build relationships.

4. Write as a guest blogger to main blogging sites that have bigger traffic than yours. Such blogs are Technorati.

5. Write articles for article directories for free. These article ezines are a bit slow in traffic creation, but are very reliable, and steady in the flow of traffic. Some of them even creating traffic 5 years after the first article submission. Such articles directories are ezine articles, go articles, article mark, easyarticles, and articleshare. There are many other directories, but the best 5 are the above. Bear in mind not to submit duplicate articles and to be unique and authentic.

6. Ping your posts on your blog every three days. There is a free service called You can ping your blog url, but beware not to overping it. What does pinging exactly do? Pinging informs the search engines that you have new content on you internet business blog. This will help the web robots crawl your blog and index your pages in a timely manner.

7. Install the Alexa toolbar on your browser, and check every week your internet business blog rank, benchmark your rank with other industry leaders blog, or blogs that you like. Try to copy what they do and they are so successful.

8 On site search engine optimization. Install the WordPress SEO by Yoast and write for the keyword niche you have found. Try to write one article per keyword. This will help your search engines ranking and will improve dramatically your free traffic.

9. Write 100 articles. The number on hundred is a benchmark. Write 80 normal 500-700 words articles and 20 epics of 1.500 to 2.500 words. These articles will be the pillars of your internet business blog and the sooner you add them the better the traffic results will be.

10. Write at least one post per day, apart from the pillar content. When we say pillar content we include and the pages of you internet business blog.

11. Offer something for free. For instance an ebook, a service, a video or an education series. Give things that have real value to your customers. Underpromiss and overdeliver.

12. Built an eshop in your internet business blog. This will dramatically raise the number of the web pages your blog will have and will raise the ranking in the search engines. A well designed eshop will help you gain credibility as an internet business blog. Not all the blogs have eshops.

13. Make you own promotional video or infomercial or educational video. Keep them short, less than 10 minutes and host them on There is a very good distribution service called tubemogul that will help you distribute your videos in more than 15 video networks. Videos are very favourable from the search engines and you will have a steady flow of traffic, while you will brand yourself effectively. The most videos the best, l have done my research and l believe you need at least 20 videos to drive more traffic. The best is to have approximately 100. Again the 100 is the magic number. Video spinning is a good technique for duplicating your videos as the article spinning is. Bit now we are talking about reality and quality, if you want long-term results we will utilize only white hat seo methods and practices. In this no money traffic we are going to use only the google guidelines for the webmasters. no pop-ups, no redirections, no black hat seo.

14. Content syndication. There are many content syndication blogs and services. The three best l suggest are, synnd and What is content syndication? Is to exchange content and articles with other tribe members and publish them through publishing and automation tools such as onlywire, which also has a free version, on the web. A credit point system helps us to post our content for free and to post other member’s content respectively. This will create many mutual  backlinks for all the tribe members.

15. Post in 100 facebook groups, choosing 10 per day. Again the magic number 100! This is a very powerful strategy and we can use automation software which is free such as seismic ping and hootsuite.

16. The bookmarking automation technique can be supported with the shareaholic WordPress plugin and the shareaholic firefox plugin as well. You can distribute your content to more than a 100 social media and social bookmarking sites. Another 100 solution! The addthis plugin for firefox works well and does the same job with shareaholic.

17. Comment leaving strategy. Pick up 100 blogs! again and make comments in 10 blogs every day. Choose blogs that are from different countries and of high authority, check for this reason the alexa ranking. A high authority blog is the american government blogs or the german government blogs, etc. Of course, you should comment on similar blogs with yours to get involved with the industry members.

18. Start another blog to promote your internet business blog. This strategy would be multiplied by ten or by a hundred! again the one hundred formula. Using the cloneX plugin for WordPress or the multisite plugin, you can generate multiple content for your internet business blog. Just think instead of having a blog with 100 pages to have one with 10.000 pages of good content? which captures more visitors? More page views? Better page ranking?

19. Design. The design of your internet business blog plays a calalytic role in the web traffic. Use the Flexibility3 free WordPress theme. It’s the best and fuller free plugin you can find in the market. Don’t overload your blog with many advertisements and widgets. Target to have at least 100 visitors per day and then start doing some advertisements.

20. Blog speed. Keep your internet business blog optimized. There are several plugin for the loading speed of your blog, but after trial and error the best is WP Super Cash. This is not about marketing, but very essential for the blog navigation.

21. Mutual posting. Find some guest bloggers for you blog and give them a column to write about. Try to have at least one good post per week. If you find three writers in three months you will have 36 new posts of people who will bring their audience.

22. Offline promotion. That is stickers, graffiti, word of mouth and every other technique you can imagine.

23. Assignment blogging. Offer some assignment blogging to students as part of their assignments to make a good impression to their professors. The academic community and university campus has thousands of internet population that is wardening around creating free traffic. Keep in mind that traffic bring traffic. A live internet business blog with comments and member interaction has likely more possibilities to drive traffic and capture a new visitors attention. A blog is a dialogue, not a newspaper.

24. Start a virtual online community, like a charity, to support your blog.

25. Sign up in at least 100 social media and social bookmarking sites. l myself hold accounts in more than 150. of them and some of them l use daily.

26. Use free text ads. There is a site called that offers free text adds an free traffic exchange to the member. A service not so reliable and not so effective, but is a source of possible traffic.

27. Offline articles in magazines and newspapers, this will drive traffic to you internet business blog.

28. Posts in your chamber of commerce local blog. If you belong to a business community, you will find support within the members. This strategy works.

29. Facebook. Talk to 10 new persons per day about your new internet business blog. Share posts on your profile or your page.

30. Write a outrageus post about something. Use a funny video or a funny photo. Be creative and bold!

A final advice is to devote two hours for promotion for every post you blog. Have in mind the combination two to one. Be persistent and at least for the first 100 days you have to do one thing every day: Blog!

To your success,



how to market your internet business blog with no money

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how to market your internet business blog with no money

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