How to Optimize your Squeeze Page

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How to Optimize your Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a capture page with a form to opt in. Squeeze page is the front end of your marketing funnel and should carefully designed for maximum results. If you don’t have a squeeze page yet, you can get one in for free and start creating your very own. When it comes to internet marketing, the secret of success is after persistence, focus and other inspirational buzz words: Testing!

If  Facebook is a social media network, then Internet Marketing is Testing. This rule is the same with your squeeze page. Why to optimize your squeeze page? Quite simply, email subscribers are more engaged than anyone else. People can ignore your  Facebook updates and even RSS updates, but they can’t ignore your email. Even if they simply delete it, they have to engage with you in some way. If you want tips on growing the most valuable readership of all, then this post is for you.


 Which is the best squeeze page design?

l believe the best design is to have a squeeze with natural graphical environment with your blog. A very good squeeze page is the following Moreover, you need to design at least three squeeze pages and then split test them with at least a hundred users each. The optimum is to try them with more than a thousand users to see which converts best.


Which is an acceptable conversion rate?

According to Wikipedia, conversion rate is the ratio of visitors who convert casual content views or website visits into desired actions based on subtle or direct requests from marketers, advertisers, and content creators. The reality is a bit different. Conversion rate has to do not only with the number of the visitors that are turning into customers, but also in many other parameters.

The marketing funnel we use have many parameters and we should test the system as a whole to see the overall conversion rate of a marketing funnel. One parameter of the system is the squeeze page. A good designed squeeze page could raise conversion rate from 30% to 400% with some small adjustments. An acceptable conversion rate could start from 1% to 4% and goes up to 85% if you are a well established brand with loyal customer base!

In 2005 Google made a very extensive research about google advertising. They were trying to figure out which squeeze page worked best in an audience of 29.000 real people. So they built 20 different squeeze pagesand 20 google picture ads, and the result was that the best conversion rate in  google ads with a small thumbnail was the thumbnail with a girl with big boobs! From this internet marketing experiment became known the GoogleBoobs! The girl with large breast ad surpassed the competition by concentrating the 60% of the overall clicks, even the words were written in chinese! That is the power of optimized ad and the optimized squeeze page.

How is this connected with the squeeze page? In internet marketing, the typical squeeze page you’ll find online tends to work best for conversions. You know the one I’m talking about: Red headings, flashing arrows and fake highlighter text. First of all, I don’t relate to these types of pages at all.

The optimized page should be build on personal value and should be differentiated from the competition. The type of squeeze page I mentioned before have been totally overused in the internet marketing niche. Some people are tired from seeing the same ads and the same landing pages. This tactic to use the same general squeeze pages seems to be spammy and the perceived customer value is lower than a real original prototype or even funny squeeze page.


Squeeze Page Optimization Tips

The squeeze page should be:

1. Funny or awkward, this method capture visitors attention

2. Original

3. Well designed and in harmonization with our overall blog design.

4. As simple as possible. Include only the email address form. You don’t need more information to start.

5. Differentiated from the competition, even you sell the same products.

6. Sympathetic. This is the power of semantics. l live it on your fantasy and

7. Have a killing free offer with real great value where the visitors cannot find anywhere else! Even if you have to give everything in your site for free, you will have more success than not being generous. The perceived value to the customer would be great and they will believe that if you are offering so value for free, then inside you should have more. And people always like  more.

If you don’t have the graphical skills required, outsource it to a web designer. You can find one on You don’t need to do everything by yourself!

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To your success,


John Divramis

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