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How To Rank First On Google


How to rank first on google is not as difficult as you imagine. l have done it several times in the past for different niche blog l run, and l will prove it here how to achieve it.


1. Choose Your Keyword Phrase to Rank First in Google

First, you need to choose a phrase or keyword that you want to target. For this article we will use the phrase “How To Rank First On Google” on purspose. So for your purpose, we will imagine that you want to rank first on Google when users type in “How To Rank First On Google”.

Bear in mind that finding the right money keywords for your blog is a matter of blog succeess or failure.


2. Incude the Keyword Phrase in Your URL

Second, you will include the keyword phrase in the URL. The easiest way is to have a domain name with the keyword phrase.

For instance, if you have, you will likely appear first or at least second. But if your domain is something else, you still need to put the keyword phrase in the URL.

For example Putting your keyword phrase in the URL is very important.


3. Incude Your Keyword in the Page Title

If you don’t include your keyword in your title page, then the search engines will consider that your article is not about the keyword you are targeted. A very helpful tool for this on site SEO tweaks is WordPress SEO by Yoast. To read more about Top WordPress Plugins to use.


4. Put Your Keyword Phrase at the Top of Your Page in Large Text

l use H1 text headline in every post including my keyword, H2 and H3 sometimes. Formating your money keyword is a great way to make google bots to notify them easily.


5. Spead Your Keyword Throughout the Page

Use the blog, underline and the italic format tool for your keyword or keyword phrase. If your keyword phrase is how to rank first on google, you should bold this phrase like this how to rank first on google and underlined it somewhere in the post.

Keyword density is critical so you should have your keyword phrase how to rank first on google at least in 1 to 4% keyword density.


6. Create Backlinks with Your Keyword Phrase

In the article How to Increase Your Blog Traffic l write about the importance of backlinking. Backlinking is not a rocket science but a rather boring labor intensive habit.

At this stage you need to create backlinks with the phrase “how to rank first on google“. Backlinks are just links to your page or blog post. You can put them on other pages in your site, which will help you rank first in Google. You can also place them on other websites, pointing back to your page.

You can use article directories such as Ezine Articles, or blog commenting.

7. Ping your blog post with your keyword phrase.

Finally, you need to ping your backlinks or your posts in order to get indexed by the search engines. Pinging should be done only once or twice per week. Overpinging could be dangerous as it could conceived as spamming. A great ping service is and Backlink Generator



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