How to start an Online Business in 3 hours or less!

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Discover how you can easily start an online business. I can help you minimize your anxieties over technology and marketing by giving you some good advice and the marketing strategies that will drive free traffic to your website and build your internet business. It isn’t hard, if you know how.


What’s your passion? Mine is helping you tap into yours through social media, business blogging, and teaching the marketing strategies that will drive free traffic to your blog and build your internet business. As an MBA postgraduate l passed five years of ly life learning everything you can imagine about business, marketing, logistics, finance, accounting, advertising, leadership, human resource management and then again strategic management, strategic marketing, total quality management, international corporate investing etc. And so many other biz words that we hear every day on the news and we don’t have a clue what does all them stand for and how can a single man make money with all this staff. Just Kidding, relax as a veteran unemployed MBA holder l want to say that in life you will learn too many things, unless you have goals and focus, you will never  pass the door of online passive income.

How we get started? First you have to know your market niche. Then you have to build a blog to market your product or services. l prefer services because they are manageable and scalable.

It only makes sense to get started online with the ease, power and flexibility of WordPress for your website and blog, doesn’t it? Google loves WordPress because it’s loaded with tons of SEO features – meaning it was developed to catch the search engines attention. You’ll get found on Google quickly!. It requires no technical knowledge, no coding and anyone can learn to do it. Anyone. You just need to be shown how it works and Voila` you can build blogs and websites for your business and for others, as well.

Need a creative outlet? Perhaps building a social or personal blog geared towards your creative side is more to your liking. Do you have life experiences you would like to share with others who need your insight? Maybe your idea, book club or school project needs a website/blog. Do you have a hobby you want to share with the world? You can even monetize your efforts or collect donations on your blog for your organization. WordPress can be personalized for all of this and so much more! Anything you can think of, WordPress can do.

Whether you’re building an online business or blogging for pleasure, you’ll want to drive traffic to your blog site. Then we will need email marketing, write short reports and articles, as well as simple technology, Social Media Marketing like blogging, Twitter and Facebook and to create your own info products, how to monetize your blog and how to make money promoting your own and other people’s products.

So far all right, what to do next? There are two options. l propose both of them, because l have done it before.

1. Go to empower network and register for the blogging service and training they offer. That is the first step. Investment: 45 dollars, implementation time: 30 minutes

2. Get a domain name for at least one year and a Linux hosting service for at least one month . Then you need to set up word press on your blog. Investment: 9 dollars, implementation time: 30 minutes

3. Take a trial account on Aweber for 1 month or register. Investment: 1 dollar, implementation time: 30 minutes

4. Install in your blog the Aweber plugin and connect it with empower network account. Implementation time: 10 minutes

5. Find 3 articles on the internet of your favorite topic and spin them. Bear in mind to be around 500-700 words its and to be simple. Implementation time: 50 minutes

6. Post your articles on empower network blog and on your own blog and bookmark them on the social media such as Facebook and twitter. Call your friends to comment on them. Implementation time: 30 minutes

That’s it! You ‘re done!

Total Investment: 55 dollars Implementation time: 3 hours


This business is scalable. That means if you make a 1 sale per day, by driving X traffic in your blog, you need to double your traffic so to have the double results.



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how to start an online business

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