Is Empower Network a Scam?

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Is Empower Network a Scam?

Nowdays,  if you open your mailbox, you see thousands of income making opportunities, spam mails, untrustworthy people asking you to buy a product or service you don’t need and you don’t even know that existed. But my eye felt yesterday on an internet review about Empower Network. Is empower network a scam?  Is it legit or not like so many other internet services companies? They offer you everything just to take your money away anfd live you with no support, no service and sometimes, no product!

So l read one review that the system doesn’t cost 1.438 dollars, as its founders claimed!

If you add all them is a value of 1438 USD, and you pay just 25 USD! They criticism says that the hosting, the themes , the subdomain etc cost about 100 dollars a year, so this claim is false! l can tell you the opposite!

Do you know how mush a dvd costs? 1 dollar? or less. Have you ever watched a movie from an empty dvd? Never!

An empty system such as to make your own blog, like mine would cost 300 hundred dollars, but it would produce nothing. A viral blogging system that is ready and is ranked less than 800 in the Alexa ranking system and makes millions of dollars every month to its affiliates, then the value is a lot more of the 25 lousy dollars monthly. As a result, empower network is not a scam and will never be.


Why Empower Network is not a scam


1. Leadership. David WOod and David Sharpe are strong Leaders.

David Wood is a bit of a wild man, who started building his online empire out of the ‘mid-section’ of a green 1996 Dodge Caravan (that he lived in) on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii – since then, he’s become the #1 all time producer in MLSP, the #1 recruiter in multiple Network Marketing companies, and has made as much as $85,000 in a single month! David has written 226 awesome articles for us at David Wood’s MLM Marketing Prosperity Blog. As you see, he is a person of value.

Same with David Sharpe

2. Value

The intrinsic value of the empower network blog is blogger than its cost if you see it strictly economic, it is a n investment. A long term investment for life!

3. Results

It has unique results, as a beginner can start and become an expert in a blogging field.

4. 100% commissions

David Wood and David Sharpe unveiled their plan to enable online marketers an opportunity to earn 100% Commissions Instantly, Hourly, On Demand with Empower Network. Now, I know you may be thinking to yourself, What! Yeah right, can’t be true…Well think again. With David Wood’s success thus far in being the Top Earner in everything he involves himself in, you can’t expect anything less from him.

5. Unique Service or Unique sales proposition. All the above makes the marketing mix of empower network unique. Empower Network has a unique product and produces real value to the final user.


What is my final opinion?

That many people are jealous, when they see someone to succeed, they feel deprived of something. It is in human nature. i definitely would join again empower network. If  you are not a member yet of the empower network and want to learn more on how to make 100% commisions, just clikc here.


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