Day 44 – Is Your Blog Running In Slow Motion?

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Is Your Blog Running In Slow Motion?

Hello Folks! How are you today? Day 44 of the 100 days blogging marathon challenge and still going! l had an issue yesterday with the speed of my blog, in the middle of  a presentation of my blog to a bunch of people, and it was running so slow, that l gave up! My frustration made me to spend the whole night  making some core changes.

Is your blog running in slow speed? Did you install too many plugins that are not operating properly? Is your theme fast enough or do you have your blog stuffed with photos and media files ?


Identify the problem

Whatever the problem is, you need to identify it. There is a very helpful tool on the internet You can  ping your URL and see the results. By pinging the speed of your blog, you can identify what is the main problem of your blog and makes it run slow. Pingdom provides the analytics of the download time, the applications running and the milliseconds response time. Be careful in making the analysis. Do at least ten pings to take the average results. Compare your ping speed with your main competitors ping speed. Which is their speed? Does their blog load on time? Which things you have to change?

When you are new in blogging and you don’t have any programming knowledge, then it is very difficult for you to identify the problem. But as soon as you start reading and learning new skills, you will be day by day a more advanced WordPress user and a blog webmaster!


WordPress Speed Plugins

You can solve the problem of load speed by simply uploading some speed plugins. Note that you need technical help to debug your blog. Consult an experienced software engineer with good knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. An experienced WordPress Blogger can solve the problem at his root by optimizing the blog code.

If this solution is not possible for you at the current moment, then you can install some very helpful plugins. Before installing them, don’t forget to back up your blog and if to test them  with a beta tester blog . l have a beta tester blog for that purpose,

1. html-compress Reduce html, css and js size by removing unnecessary white space from an HTML document.

2. JS & CSS Script Optimizer Some plugins are working together nice while others failed. This one is to improve JS and CSS loading time. Moves all JavaScripts to the bottom, combine all CSS scripts into the single file and packs CSS files.

3. Parallelize Parallelize image downloads across hostnames. If your main problem is the large image files, this is the solution to your problem!

4. Use Google Libraries Allows your site to use common javascript libraries from Google’s AJAX Libraries CDN, rather than from WordPress’s own copies.

5. WP Minify This plugin uses the Minify engine to combine and compress JS and CSS files to improve page load time.

6.WP Reduce image file sizes and improve performance using the API within WordPress.

7.WP Super Cache Is a very fast cashing plugin for WordPress. One of the best l use! And absolutely a must for a new user!

Does the plugins will solve the problem? My speed problem improved by 30% with this plugin and by another 20% by uninstalling some plugins that were not working properly. Some plugins need more bandwidth to run or are so complicated that their loading time in the start of the blog  is almost impossible! For instance, l used WordTube plugin for self hosting and playing videos in my blog.  l uninstalled it with other 12 plugins  to make my blog code lighter. The situation improved, and my blog now loads in 4 seconds time instead of 17! But if l want to improve more the blog speed and and make my blog running at a lightning speed, l need to optimize the code and the scripts.

However, you can improve dramatically your blogging speed with the above tools. Visitors cannot wait more than 4 seconds with a limit of 7 seconds in a page to load. l hope l helped you enough, happy blogging!


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