Day 45 – Leads Generation

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Leads Generation

Hello Folks! Day 45 today and l would like to talk about lead generation. The two main reason of failure in internet marketing are lack of leads and lack of money. Leads are the fuel of every internet business. Money does help us to create new leads with advertising and promotion. When it comes to internet marketing, without new lead generation, at least 10 a day, you are never going to succeed. How can someone generate new leads?


New Leads Generation Tips

1. Blogging. Daily blogging creates good content and organic growth in the search engines. The best is to have 30% of our traffic from search engines. This cannot happen overnight. You need at least 30 days to see the first search engines results to point to your site. l suggest to blog daily for at least three months consistently to have long-lasting results. Three months is a good period of organic results growth.

2. Free Solo Ads. Free solo ads is a great source of new leads and traffic. There are many free solo advertising sites and many online classifieds ads sites like Craigslist. Some good sites for solo ads are and You have to bear in mind that you need to split test your ads and rewrite them or refine them several times before they are the killer ads you ready on the high circulation newspapers.

3. Paid Solo Ads. Paid solo ads is the same like the free ads with the only difference that you are paying someone, a list broker to use his list by sending a solo ad message. Paid solo’s are the most effective way to build your list especially when you are new and you don’t know many things about internet marketing and your list is small. Statistics have sawn that 80% of the new leads is generating by paid advertising and Paid Solo Ads.

4. Pay per click. Pay per click is another way to capture users attention. A very good source of PPC is Google Ads, Facebook PPC, Linked in. Personally l don’t find pay-per-click a reliable source of new leads. You need at least three to six months to understand the main concept of this model of advertising and one or two thousand dollars to test the system. Again split testing is essential to see what works and what not. Every medium has different behaviour and the older the medium of advertising the fiercer the competition is.

5. Media Buying Advertising. is a an ad serving and reporting company that offers great and cheap advertising services. You can start with as low as 2 cents per click! If you think that google ad words is expensive and the cost per click is as high as $2, then it’s time to find new lead sources. Apart form there are more than 100 other good media advertising companies to start with. Even you have a low budget of $100, you can start and create your first leads today.

6. Forum Advertising. Some forums are quite overcrowded like warrior forum. Warrior forum is the king forum about internet marketing. There you can find killer offers for every new product in the market. Software that sells for $97 you can find it only $7! OTOs,  One Time Offers are one of the best ways to build your list. In the forum you can meet other internet marketers and join forces or even find new ones that want your help. You can join forces with someone with a list or a killer offer and build a list together! The magic of the internet is that offers you many choices that you never imagine before!

7. Article writing. Article writing is a slow motion but steady and reliable source of traffic and new leads. l personally write articles for the Ezinearticles. Article writing is not difficult. You can use the blog posts you have. Rewrite them and make a new article promoting your post. Then submit the article to the article directories. More article directories are, and You don’t need to become a rocket scientist expert to start article writing! You can start today and you will become an expert. When you have a tight budget, article writing is a great source of leads.


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