Stop Paying Guru Money!

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Stop Paying Guru Money!

At the age of the sub prime loans, l counted myself 256 real estate gurus on the internet within a singe day research l have done in google.

It was a period of crazy hot market where flipping properties and mortgage refinance was a daily habit. This daily habit proved deathly financially for many of them and the market swept away all these gurus almost overnight.

The same trends take place in an analogy today in the internet marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging and network marketing, with a small difference, there are thousand of them. This causes a big confusion, but some of them a rel gurus with real value programs and methods that will last even if the market crashes or not. What kind of gurus are real? Who can l trust?

l fed up paying guru money and losing my time by buying one internet money-making program after another. l don’t say that the programs are not good and by all means l don’t want to say that you should not buy them. However this is the way l learn internet marketing and blogging, by simply funding the gurus with thousands of dollars. That is life, no pain no gain. We should keep counselling the gurus but to an extent.


Guru Credibility Tips

How can someone find and trust a guru? Here are some tips:

1. Search about the achievement of the guru’s. Who are they? What they have done? A personal record of them and some testimonial are of great essence. What are their main source of income teaching or doing the things they teach?

2. Look on the internet about alternative solutions especially in the high ticket products. When you are new, you will never afford to pay a high product with your internet making money business. You have to pay guru money form another source of income you have, probably your job or cash from your banking account. After that,  you will find yourself with less money and the guru with more money.

The truth is that every time you buy something you lose money. Period. This is the financial perspective.

Before you buy your high ticket product, search for alternative solutions that are cheaper. For instance when l found a super-duper software, which had what l was looking it seemed everything all right apart from the price. It was $149 per month recurring! After some weeks of research l found the same  benefits in another software tool with only $19 per month! It was a real bargain for me!

3. The shiny object syndrome. Avoid the shiny object syndrome. Before you buy, test. Do they offer a free test drive period? l would prefer one month free test or $1 or something testing period. When you are an expert blogger or marketer, then you don’t need so much testing and be so precautious. You already have a list and definitely you will sell something for their new super-duper product.

Imagine that you are completely brand new and you buy this $497 training kit with this $997 up sell OTO and then nothing! Buying at least 5-8 of them just to build your marketing funnel and then you are broke! How did l know that? Because l have done this silly mistake and when l left broke, no guru gave me a shoulder to cry!

l personally bought a high ticket product of $1.890! that never made me any money! Ever! So before you buy something think twice: Will l use it? Unless you won’t use it then try to find something else you will!


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John Divramis


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