Superstar Marketing Part 1

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Superstar Marketing Part 1

Have you ever seen the paparazzi chasing a superstar? Do you know who is the number one in followers in twitter? Do you know who is the most well paid actor in Hollywood? Do you ever wondered who is the most well paid athlete in the world? Do you know how many likes Scorpions have on their fan page on Facebook? 1,482,437 likes · 19,866 talking about this…

What all of the above have in common? They are superstars! All them no matter the business they are, footballers, porn start, pop stars, rock stars, hollywood stars, sex symbols, kings and princesses, politicians, nobel winners, best seller writers, they all have one thing in common: Superstar Marketing.


What is  superstar marketing?

Superstar Marketing  System  is basically allowing your business prospects to pay all or most of the expenses that you accrue through promoting your business. With Superstar Marketing , you constantly “feed your list with valuable content” and they end up coming back to you and joining your business because they feel you have something of value to offer them.

Every Superstar had created valuable and unique content, they are in the royalty business and they know that. Royalty is connected with content, actually is the same thing.

Many Internet marketers go about this by selling somewhat generic business information and presenting it in an interesting way, one that can help you generate a bit of income as well as some valuable business contacts. Have a form on your website that allows people to input their information to get more information on the subject you are offering information on, and then have a product offered as well. Not only will you make money off of the product, but you can gain one more lead and perhaps a valuable business partner in the end as well.

For the right marketer, the benefits of Superstar Marketing System are endless. For one, it gives the right Internet marketer the opportunity to not only meet people to work with but potential customers as well. Providing them with a service, such as MLM coaching, Internet advertising assistance, or information on using Superstar Marketing to build an MLM empire, can help you to not only make some extra money that you need to help promote your business, but also build a database of other eager MLM affiliate marketers.

This money is necessary in order to grow; without the proper exposure your MLM business will go nowhere. In addition, Superstar Marketing allows you to generate more prospects for your MLM business as well. Many of the customers who you used to generate funds for your business are also potential affiliates, and this is an important point in any Superstar Marketing  System. Without realizing this, the idea of having a Superstar Marketing  System in place is useless.


The key is Massive Exposure

Superstar Marketing is a Massive marketing System with passive  massive action. That is the difference with every other marketing system, network marketing or affiliate marketing. They are based in active massive action that is designed to lead to failure on beforehand. How many hours you have in day? how many hours can you do marketing?

The secrets in this concept is to build your business based on the little effort of the masses instead of building it with the 1000% effort of yours.


John Paul Getty said it best when he said “I’d rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 men, than 100% of the efforts of myself”.

In WEB 2.0 age this leverages by ten and a hundred and l rewrite it like this it is easier to have the 1 per thousand of the efforts of the millions , than 1000% of the efforts of myself.


MLM Affiliate Magic

The concept of superstar marketing is not new, but l couldn’t realize completely this new concept of making business, untill l read one of the most prolific ebooks in MLM and Affiliate Marketing Industry! That is called MLM Affiliate Magic, many things l am writing here come from the book and you can have you free copy simply by giving you name and email here! Don’t lose the chance to learn the secrets of MLM Affiliate Magic!


superstar marketing

superstar marketing

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Is network marketing and affiliate marketing about leverage?

Most MLM affiliate marketers never really grasp the power of exponential growth. They are so focused on a “salesman’s mentality” only thinking short-term for immediate cash gratification. But to become a Top Income Earner you need to understand “the power of five”, exponential growth and the long-term gratification of residual income.
It’s not until you experience exponential growth first hand that you will be able to relate to the magnitude of what it can do to your monthly income and the quality of your life.

Leverage will never come to you by utilizing traditional marketing methods.

In one of my previous articles l talked about the four seasons of network marketing.


The Four Seasons Of Network Marketing

There are 4 seasons in network marketing, the novice phase where you are always prospecting like crazy and many will turn you down. In this season is the 97% of the network marketing nation. At this season, duplication is very difficult, your hot market leads are not targeted, your success rate is less than 5 per cent, sometimes is 1 or 2 per cent. Frustration is your best friend, while your upline diamond, that built the business with the old school methods is making fun of you! Only a small percentage of people can walk through this season, atrocity eats them alive!

The second phase is called Direct Marketing Strategies, when you are starting generating leads through advertising, on local or on online media such as newspapers, classifieds, drop cards, leaflets, stickers, bulletin boards, business cards, billboards, outdoor advertising, car advertising, etc. If you reach to this point, then you are in the top 3% per center of the industry, again money is still an issue for expanding your business. Moreover you development model is not scalable. Network Marketing is scalable, but the two first ways of building it is not scalable! Why ? Because you are not scalable, duplication is a matter of statistics and your leads are of low quality. It is like you are in your teens. You are a teenager of network marketing!

The third phase is the phase of maturity. You understand that you are not a superman! You can’t be anywhere, you have only 24 hours, and you can get consumed during the process. You are spending more than you are making with your opportunity, you want to give up but deep inside you there is something more than hope, that says to you there is another way to succeed. How do l know that? Because l have been there! Procrastination starts to submit you , fear and discouragement. Until you discover another new concept Attraction Marketing! Your eyes are shining again! Is attraction marketing the solution to all your lead generation problems? The top 1 per cent has the guts to reach this level. You stop chasing people and you are hunted instead of being the hunter! Money pours in easily in your opportunity, you are a success! Personal life restores and you see your dreams come true! Passive online income is coming in your bank account while you are sleeping.

The fourth seasons of network marketing is only for the Elite. Only the top 1 per thousand or less, l could say 1 for every 10.000 people are enlightened enough to Reach the this level. There are the Network Marketing Superstars, they fill stadiums of people and they recruit without doing anything. Every new business they start, there is a huge tank of followers that join them. They have a luxury lifestyle that anyone is dreaming! They are in the media, in lifestyle magazine, they write books, they make dvd’ s, webinars. They are the mentors for the masters. This season is the post maturity or the golden years!

The fourth season of network marketing is about Superstar Marketing. Is to make the extra mile and let your start shine!

If you want to succeed in marketing, in business in sales or in every other field, such as in journalism, politics, law, medicine, you need to implement Superstar Marketing Strategies. It’s the only way to the top!


Superstar Marketing Relationships and Systems

The next thing to understand about the Superstar Marketing business model is that it is not about sales. It is about building relationships and systems. Yes, products do get sold, but not through conventional sales. Products get sold through systems like websites, web-casts, videos, video emails, interactive emails, CDs, DVDs, conference calls and a lot of testimonials! Most sales in Superstar Marketing happen over multiple exposures with ongoing follow up and further relationship building, not on the first exposure. Statistics and sales psychology says that the 80% of the people buy between the 5th to 12th follow up! AHA!

Let me remind you something. Which was the first movie of Sylvester Stallone? Anyone? Did you seen the Titanic movie when they proposed to you to go to watch it? After three years of advertising and Oscars, and then l went. Do you understand what l mean?

In order to be a Top Income Earner, you need to realize that Superstar Marketing is about helping people solve their problems or one basic need. And the only way you can identify whether or not they have a problem is to ask them numerous questions in a number of conversations.
It also takes numerous exposures in a number of different ways before a person enrolls to buy your product or service - and even more exposures before you have a true business partner, or “business builder” that you can work with long term.

Superstar Marketing  is so much about Timing and not Marketing

It is very important to realize that Superstar Marketing  is so much about Timing in a person’s life. You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person and you can’t say the right thing to the wrong person.
So don’t get discouraged when people say that they are not interested in your product or business. Continue to send out monthly updates to your database about the successes that all of the average people in your business are having - with life changing testimonials. And when the timing is right, that person who was once a NO! May switch to a YES! This happens quite often. Life happens, and things change in people’s lives. You never know when the timing will be right for that person. Be professional and set yourself apart from all of the other network marketers who keep on phoning and won’t leave you alone, like a bad rash!

Have you ever seen Tom Cruse cold calling the producers for a movie? Michael Jackson begging you to buy its cd? L never bought a Michael Jackson’s music cd, but he never needed one more to buy.


Stop Selling and Start Helping

Superstar marketing is all about building trust and relationships first and looking for new business partners second. It is about teaming up with other like-minded entrepreneurs and working together to further assist one another in achieving each other’s goals.

Lets take Oprah Winfrey for instance. what is she exactly doing and she is so successful?

Helping other people!

Superstar marketing is about helping people to solve their problems using the MLM affiliate model as a vehicle, NOT about hard selling people into a program or front-end loading them with products.
In order to build trust, you need to stop selling and start helping as many MLM affiliates as you possibly can. Be the source and provider of the most cutting edge information that the market has to offer. Whenever you find amazing business building ideas, tools, tips, tricks and strategies, give them away to each MLM affiliate in your database.
In order to attract the one – you must be the one. And if you want Top Income Earners in your business, you will have to roll up your sleeves and do what Top Income Earners do. Go to work and get the job done.


Superstar Laser Target Marketing!

Each time an eager MLM affiliate marketer purchases any of your affiliate products it will help to further fund your marketing and advertising campaign. And you will be developing a strong database and building relationships with other MLM affiliate marketers. Now THIS is called MLM TARGET MARKETING!
It is important to realize this:
Out of the 99.41% of the people who are failing in the network marketing industry, there are more affiliates searching for answers on how to make a six figure income in THEIR OWN MLM… than there are affiliates who are ready to “jump ship” from their own business to go into business with a total stranger.

The Superstar Marketing  System allows you to bridge the gap and build a relationship with many MLM affiliate marketers at various levels of growth in the industry. The more aggressively you promote the Boomerang Sponsoring System, the larger your database will be filled with other qualified network marketers who are genuinely searching for ways to take their businesses to the next level. What a great way to build your business! Getting paid to prospect!


The Amateur vs. the Superstar Earner

The Amateur affiliate marketer starts out the relationship by telling you how great their product and their company are. They spend their time hard selling you into their deal and keep trying to “sign you up” to buy their product.

The reality is that you need to get into a business because it’s the right decision for YOU, not because you are being hard sold into the company. The Amateur thinks short term, but the Top Income Earner thinks long term.
The Amateur is looking to recruit numbers, numbers and more numbers, leaving a “line-up of casualties” along the way! The Top Income Earner on the other hand is looking for quality people and gets them emotionally connected to their problem, then shows them how the MLM affiliate marketing business model or their product can help them to solve their problem.
The Top Income Earner wants you to set up your business properly with a strong foundation and encourages you to get educated on your company, your products and your marketing plan BEFORE you start talking to anyone about your business.


Superstar Branding: When the product is You

Because the first thing to learn how to market is YOU! As the product and brand! and use the Superstar Marketing System to create a database of eager network marketers… people will be joining your business faster than you can say “residual income”! That is the core of Superstar Marketing! That is all about!
Just like the farmer who has faith that his seeds will grow and eventually produce a harvest, you must also have faith that this system will work to turn you into a Top Income Earner in the MLM industry faster than you could ever imagine. And this is true, because had worked for thousand of people out there, it had worked for me and of you believe it and start implementing it , it will work for you! Definitely!



superstar marketing

superstar marketing

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