Nothing lasts forever and all good things come to an end. Yes, both are true but the truth is, when we all enjoy something, Athens Escorts, we want it to last as long as possible. Who can resist the pleasure? The answer is “no one”. If sex is not one of the greatest pleasures, then what?

There is nothing more beautiful than being deeply in love and spending unique moments of passion with your other half. At that moment there is only you and he and that in itself is magical. And although we would like this to last forever, it is impossible. Or maybe not; There are some tips that if you follow them can make your moments of erotic pleasure last much longer!

Encourage your partner to do yoga or pilates

It is known that all such exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which helps to control spasms during orgasm. And yes, yoga and pilates are an exercise for both men and women. If you have not yet tried either, this is definitely a good reason to think again. Do not you think;

Try vertical postures in sex

These postures help to avoid irritating sensitive areas too much. The “spoon” attitude is one of them. So in this case there is pleasure and at the same time neither of you will orgasm prematurely.

Give the ending technique a chance

What does this mean? When you are about to orgasm, pause for a minute and then move on. It is known that when you reach a climax, if there is no short break, then you miss the train… The “ending” technique helps the body to delay the moment of orgasm.

Every time something new

When you and your partner have been together for a long time, if your sexual routine is normal then it predisposes your body and you reach the climax much faster. Testing new positions and senses can help make sex last longer. “The more weird and unknown, the better. So is it time to try something new and enrich your sex life?

Spend more time on foreplay

Yes, you can both look forward to the moment when your bodies will become one, however, if you spend more time in the preliminaries it will make your love affair last longer and it is certain that in the end you will both be the same satisfied. Very satisfied…

Erotic aids

Surely in this case you will not have done everything yourself, but it does not matter if you both enjoy it. If your partner can not “hold” much, because it happens, wait until he is close to the climax and then let him use sex toys to reach the “finish line” with him.

Focus on your partner’s pleasure

If you feel that you are close to the peak, then take a step back and pay full attention to thanking your other half. Stop doing what you do while you are very close to orgasm, relax for a while and then move on (something like vector sex training).

Practice concentration

According to research, practicing concentration and breathing can help slow down orgasm. What you can do is find meditation practices that will help you control your concentration levels. Follow it once a day and you will see a big difference. You know you can soon become a love guru.

Do not stop talking

If rhyming with your other half is limited to trivial questions and answers, then you have surely forgotten the art of communication. You need to show your partner that you care about his or her worries, feelings, problems, and especially that you do not want to be cut off from his or her way of thinking.

It is certain that some of these ideas will fit your personality and your life and you will probably be able to see your relationship differently.

Go out on a date

Do you remember at the beginning of the relationship that you prepare five terms to go out with him? What anxiety, what impatience, what anticipation did you have to see his face? Try to revive it – as much as possible – by suggesting that you go for a drink alone. Of course you do not do it very often. Eat well, you will drink a little more. And flirt with him. It will move forward at some point.

Make him miss you

If you live together and therefore sleep side by side every night, break the habit and the compulsion that consumes you and one night stay with a friend of yours or your parents, somewhere else anyway. Seek to go on a trip without him, to miss you a little, to look for you. Move miles away, not communicatively. This saves the houses and does not close them.