The 7 Skills Of Superstar Sponsoring

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The 7 Skills Of Superstar Sponsoring

As l wrote before, Superstar Sponsoring  is basically allowing your business prospects to pay all or most of the expenses that you accrue through promoting your business. With Superstar Marketing or Sponsoring , you constantly “feed your list with valuable content” and they end up coming back to you and joining your business because they feel you have something of value to offer them.

Every Superstar had created valuable and unique content, they are in the royalty business and they know that. Royalty is connected with content, actually is the same thing. Can anyone become a superstar sponsoring machine? It depends, not anybody can. What are the skills that someone needs to become a superstar sponsor? Here are 7 skills that l consider basic:


1. Developing a Success-Oriented Mindset

Every Sponsoring Superstar, every top income earner has a success-oriented mindset. No matter what happens in life, he is laser focused in success. It doesn’t matter the profession you are, if you are in internet marketing, in affiliate marketing or in network marketing, controlling your   mindset is the most critical skill.

Thoughts are matter and matter are thoughts. By controlling your thoughts you are creating the building material of your future. If you are not in the position you loved to, just look back in the previous 5 years. What were your thoughts? What were your goals? What future have you been creating the previous five years? Do some Reverse Thought Engineering. If you want to change your future, just follow the same recipe that brought you in the today situation, with a small moderation: THINK ONLY WHAT YOU WANT.Your mind can only focus in one direction every time. Think only what you want and soon your dreams will be your past.


2.Becoming 100% Motivated and Confident

Have the finish line in your head before you start the race. Do you want to know what is the damn truth about all the Superstar Sponsors? They are all of them self-motivated and driven. They don’t give up, get scared, tired, or fed up with anything bad or good happens to them. Moreover, you cannot motivate or infuence them. They are the motivation themselves! The are self-actualized and highly developed persons.


3.Becoming a Superstar Communicator

Massive exposure can make you rich, provided you mastered it first. How? Simply communicating your business message everywhere and have the people do it for you. This is real publicity leverage. Every successful mlm company is a superstar itself. It lets 100.000 affiliates to promote the mother company instead of making any media advertisement. The MLM affiliates fail, the company thrives! If you find yourself in this rat race, wake up! You are the product you have to advertise, not the company!


4. Master  Superstar Marketing

Have you ever seen the paparazzi chasing a superstar? Do you know who is the number one in followers in twitter? Do you know who is the most well paid actor in Hollywood? Do you ever wondered who is the most well paid athlete in the world? Do you know how many likes Scorpions have on their fan page on Facebook? 1,482,437 likes · 19,866 talking about this…

What all of the above have in common? They are superstars! All them no matter the business they are, footballers, porn start, pop stars, rock stars, hollywood stars, sex symbols, kings and princesses, politicians, nobel winners, best seller writers, they all have one thing in common: Superstar Marketing. Master Superstar Marketing and you are not going to work a single day in your life!


5. Setting New Industry Standards

Every Sponsoring Superstar has only one rival: His own or her own self! Collaborate with yourself or compete with him to set new industry standards. Take into consideration the elite athletes, Michael Jordan, Arnold Scwhartzeneger,etc all of them had set new industry standards.


6. Becoming a Sponsoring Superstar

Every word and every book or every step you do in life is to become something. Not to simply achieve your goals. Becoming a Sponsoring Superstar is better than simply making your first million of dollars.


7. Duplicating the Superstar Status

The power of the master and the real success is to be surpassed by the disciple. Every Sponsoring Superstar is successful only when their inner circle of superstar students are becoming more successful from them. Are you duplicating success? Are you producing the new Superstar generation?


P.S. l am not making any promotions today, just give one dollar to a charity to start your one month free coaching by a Sponsoring Superstar!

To Your Prosperity,


John Divramis

the 7 skills of superstar sponsoring

the 7 skills of superstar sponsoring

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the 7 skills of superstar sponsoring

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