Unleash The Power Of Blogging

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Unleash The Power Of Blogging


Whatever SEO reviews l have read, SEO software checks, SEO diagnosis, like my blog was sick and it has an illness called NOVISITSITIS  or NOTRAFFICATALL Syndrome and as the SEO doctors say it is like the cancer of the blogs. The two above syndromes can make your blog isolated while it can also kill every new internet business blog attempt of yours.

When it comes about money, traffic and leads generation is the key to every successful blog. If you have the best blog, the most expensive custom design theme, the most compelling articles and you have no traffic then my friend you are condemned to die from hunger! But what is the secret of free, unstoppable, residual and ever lasting traffic? As l told you every SEO doctor mention it as an aspirine: Blogging! When l say blogging, have a look in every successful website or blog, or even newspaper, portal whatever it is the more the content, the successful the blog or the site is! And how can we create compelling content? Simply by blogging!

How to unleash the power of blogging

First of all and if you are a new blogger, you have to blog daily and target the 100 posts. The number 100 is of critical importance. Don’t waste time and start blogging untill you reach the number 100. After this keep the pace with one blog post per day at least for a period of 100 days. Though the search engine indexing and page rank rating takes at least a month for a new blog and then every week the ranking is changing you need to compress time and be consistent in creating compelling powerful blog posts.

Small tips to unleash the power of blogging

1. A compelling Article Title

Your blog article’s title is the first thing people will see, so it should clearly indicate what the article is about. Clarity and specificity attract readers and prompt them to share the post with their networks.

2. Well Written & Formatted Text

The body of your article should be well-written and formatted in a way that makes it easy to read. Consider using header tags and bullet points to break up the content into sections.

3. Add multimedia content

Relevant multimedia content can make a blog article more memorable and fun to read. It also helps to break up the text to make it more pleasing to the eye. Aim to add at least one relevant image per blog post.

4. Have internal and external links

Include in-text links to relevant content, thus helping readers dig deeper into the resources they are most interested in. Your links can, naturally, point to your blog and landing pages to help you generate more leads from your content.

5. Call-to-Action

Each and every blog article you publish should include a relevant call-to-action in the article to help boost lead generation. You can learn more about calls-to-action by downloading my ebook MLM Affiliate Magic Here.

unleash the power of blogging

unleash the power of blogging

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To unleash the power of blogging is to blog for the people

Business blogging presents a fantastic platform for attracting organic traffic and engaging with your audience. However, the primary goal of your business blog should be to drive conversions. To achieve this goal, add call-to-actions to your posts and have them link to landing pages that provide downloadable access to more in-depth learning materials, such as an ebook or webinar. To start blogging right now, you can join me in empower network, the most powerful blogging platform which ranks in the 750 blogs with most traffic globally and you can start making your living through blogging with 100% commissions! What are you waiting?
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It not easy to teach you new things for free! Master should eat! Anyway in order to have compelling content is to know exactly what people want to read or to hear. What are they looking for? A simple search engine keyword analysis will clear this out. Go to google keyword analysis tool and look for what people are searching for. Use the exact search option because it is more accurate, actually it is the only accurate method. Do you keyword analysis, but have your post not optimized for the search engines, but optimized for the people. There are thousand of article spinning and writing software that lead to articles of not making sense. They are zombie rubbish articles. Who wrote them? Who is going to read them all? l don’t know ,they are useless and in a next google update maybe they will vanish from the web. Google Panda was light, Penguin was more strict, but the next Google update to fight the black hat mojo SEO will be like a piranha or a shark! Trust me! l am in internet business since 2001! It is like the old days with the good and the bad, the hackers and the good antivirus companies, or the Pentagon Webmasters, every time the Webmasters, the FBI, the security software developers made a leap, the hackers were a leap ahead, but everyone knew what happened and it was exposed. One thing that you can hide on the electronic era is electronic trace. Is like exposing your ass in the public, but you don’t know it because you are wearing pants aver you webcam casting live your ass!
Sorry to be so sincere with you and use this vulgar language, but l wanted to make a point here. Don’t start with artificial content, this will have a long-term effect in your business blogging results. To unleash the power of blogging is to create powerful content! how will your audience know you when your post is written by your computer software? Will the software make you feel moved? Do you know what l mean? Blogging is a viral dialogue with the people.

Nurture your leads with your continuing blogging

Simply put, lead nurturing is a system that allows you to send an automated series of email messages to an early stage lead in order to pre-qualify them before handing them over to your sales team. The best nurturing technique is to make them subscribe to your blog posts or to offer them a free course series of at least seven episodes. As a marketer, you know that getting leads is fantastic. Depending on whose research you read, only 5% - 25% of the traffic on your site is actually ready to do business with you at that moment,  the rest of the visitors are in a research mindset and need your persistent blogging to make their decision.

If for instance a new lead comes in and you are not going to keep them alive and feed them with compelling content of yours, this lead will eventually die. New posts will keep them alive and encourage them to know you better, to interact with you and finally buy from you.


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 Unleash The Power Of Blogging with Empower Network

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What is empower network? l don’t want to describe to you what it is , as soon as with one click you can have the information from the source directly to you. But l can tell you the results of empower network.

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P.S. Don’t forget to connect with me, l am a real person and l will be glad to answer to any of your comments!

unleash the power of blogging

unleash the power of blogging

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unleash the power of blogging

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unleash the power of blogging

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