What Is a Reverse Funnel System?

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What Is a Reverse Funnel System?

The Reverse funnel system is a  marketing funnel created by Ty Coughlin and the Inner Circle team and had changed forever the home business industry, the internet marketing industry and the network marketing industry.

It’s long been the holy grail to somehow automate your business…so you don’t have to be on the phone calling leads, making follow ups, setting up appointments, closing people…and doing all the other stuff that almost no one likes to do. If you have read the four seasons of network marketing, this is the season 4. Only the top 1 per thousand or less, l could say 1 for every 10.000 people are enlightened enough to Reach the this level. There are the Network Marketing Superstars.

Yet most people have no choice because that’s all they’ve been taught, and it’s all they know how to do. Well, Ty Coughlin and the Reverse funnel system just changed all that for ever. Ty Coughlin created a system, that is converting like no system anyone has ever heard of. He hired $20,000 per page copywriters, world class programmers to put together a fully automated system that makes it’s users $1,000 sales all day long. Yes, it is possible to make $1,000 a day if we have a fully scalable Reverse Funnel System.

The Reverse Funnel System  puts a twist on the popular “funded proposal” approach. The goal of this program is simple, automation and duplication. As someone who has been involved in the work from home industry for many years, I can tell you first hand that this automated network marketing program changed everything  in the MLM industry and many of the top income earners had already built their own online marketing systems based on the Reverse Funnel approach. In fact, every successful online marketing system is a reverse funnel system today!

Successful Reverse Funnel Systems


1. My Lead System Pro or MLSP.

MyLeadSystemPRO is the leading, cutting-edge educational platform engineered by the most successful entrepreneurs in the home based business arena with one goal in mind: Provide network marketers and business owners all the necessary tools, resources, websites, and ongoing training required to build a wildly successful and profitable home based business. l joined MLSP on April of 2012 and in two weeks period l managed to generate 60 leads!

2. Empower Network

The Empower Network (empowernetwork.com) is the brainchild of David Wood and David Sharpe. The system was officially launched on Halloween, October 31st 2011.

Over 250,000+ in affiliate commissions were deposited directly in founding members’ bank accounts within the first 72 hours and, despite a server crash and a few other snafus along the way, the Empower Network rocket cleared the launch pad and blasted straight into orbit at a velocity seldom seen within the internet marketing arena. Empower Network is the only Affiliate program that offers 100% commissions straight to your bank account due to its own developed payment system.

The cost to join the Empower Network is only $25 per month. This gets you “in the door” and instantly set up with your own search engine optimized blog. The most amazing thing is also that there is nothing to install. Simply make a few easy changes to how you want your name, bio and pic to appear and you’re done…. you’re ready for action.

Notice the social media elements like “share this” and the RSS feed is already coded. This is nothing for you to do except… 1) Blog Daily… 2) Tell Others… 3) Make Money. Empower Network is currently ranked 750 in the Alexa top visited websites in the world.


3. Renegade Network Marketer System

The Renegade System affiliate program by Ann Sieg is designed to help anyone who is looking to get started in affiliate network marketing do so quickly and easily. The biggest challenge to most people getting started is the lack of a system that is automated and integrated and this is exactly what Ann Sieg achieved with this powerful system.

In order to practice the principles advised by Ann Sieg in her book The Renegade Network Marketer, there are three components that you need to be successful in network marketing.

First, you need a product to promote. That product needs to be something that network marketers would be interested in purchasing.

The second thing you need is some type of follow-up system. Most people don’t purchase the first time around. Therefore you need a way to follow-up with them. In the event they decide to purchase in the future, you will be able to profit from that decision.

The third thing you need is good sales copy. You need to have sales copy designed to get network marketers to request more information and then get them to buy.


4. Magnetic Sponsoring

Mike Dillard literally exploded on the scene a few years ago with the release of his first best-seller book Magnetic Sponsoring. Over the years I’ve purchased all of his products and l still study them. Mike has a Free 7-Day Magnetic Sponsoring Video Boot Camp where you’ll receive 7 full days of information about why he created the system and how Magnetic Sponsoring will completely change the way you build your business.

For a beginner, Magnetic Sponsoring is a great resource that combines a lot of the industry’s tactics taught in other programs:

Why your business has Nothing to do with your company

How to get leads to find you (not the other way around)

How to create a top notch email follow-up campaign

How to position yourself an an expert

How to attract quality leads within your target market

How to get leads to pay you to find more leads (self-funded proposal)

How to create a complete franchise business


5. Maximum Leverage

Maximum Leverage is Daegun Smith’s Network Marketing and Affiliate Bootcamp of intensive education. Daegun Smith is a legend in our industry, many top earners had followed his university level education that has many programs and products. It is definitely a must to everyone who wants to learn about Reverse Funnel System. Daegan Smith offers many option to his funnel system to make money online. It can be combined with every primary business opportunity.


6. 7 figure networker

l think everybody knows who is Jonathan Budd! If not let me tell you. Is one of the most well-known network marketers on planet earth. In fact, it’s almost impossible to research an MLM opportunity without running into either his name or a few of his ads. He started off as a measly broke kid in Network Marketing a few years back, and he was living in a spare room at his parent’s house and building his business from the kitchen. Within a couple of years, he was earning over a million dollars a year, and getting more leads than 99% of everyone in the network marketing profession.

Some of the products and systems he created are:

1. The 7 Figure Networker System

2. The Online MLM Secrets Mastery

3. The Top Producer Formula

4. The Mastermind Mentoring, Coaching, And Training Transformation Program

The 7 Figure Networker Systemis a reverse funnel program by Jonathan Budds very similar to MLSP and to other programs. The 7 Figure Networker was designed with the newbie in mind. It was designed so that you could simply just plug in and create squeeze pages, marketing campaigns, and sales funnels without having to know a lick of coding or really have any technical skills what so ever. But that doesn’t mean it is limited to the newbie, experienced marketers a like have found the system to be incredibly powerful to take care of some of their most tedious tasks like lead generation and conversion principles.

The system actually has training that will walk you through getting started if you are brand new to all of this. It literally breaks it down to the simplest form taking you by the hand and guiding you through Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and so on until you have a fully setup and completed marketing funnel that is ready to make you lots of money. The steps are all outlined with video tutorials so you can follow along and watch over the shoulder of Jonathan Budd as he takes you through each and every step in an easy to follow manner.

And for the experienced users out there, The 7 Figure Networker offers LOADS of advanced training in all subjects but just to name a few that go REALLY in-depth you’ve got PPC, Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook, Forum Marketing, and so much more that it will literally fill your head with so much knowledge that you won’t know what to do with it.


7. Coffee Millionaire System

The coffee millionaire system is a virtual online program who helps you to become an online coffee millionaire. It is designed by Shane Morand for my primary business opportunity Organo Gold. Shane has been introducing North America to Healthier Coffee since April of 2004 and is an OrGano Gold, Global Master distributor. Learn More about the coffee millionaire system here. The coffee millionaire system has a goal to create virtual 100 coffee millionaires in the next three years and 10.000 individuals with an income of $10.000 a month! Very ambitious program! It has many common things with MLSP and other reverse funnel programs and it offers to a new mlm internet marketer an extensive education and support to build its own online business.


My Own Reverse Funnel System

l would like to surprise you, but l always prepare something for the future. l am so future oriented and goal focused that l think its August and it is still early July! Sometimes l think it is Friday and it is Tuesday!

You can simply take a look on my online business opportunity and keep in touch, l hope you will find one system that suit your needs best, but untill then, try the above reverse funnel systems first!


To Your Abundance!


what is a reverse funnel system

what is a reverse funnel system

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what is a reverse funnel system

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