Day 46 – What is a Squeeze Page?

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What is a squeeze Page?

Hello folks, today we are going to talk about one of the basic parts of our marketing funnel, the squeeze page. A squeeze page is a capture page with a form to opt in. According to Wikipedia a squeeze page is a landing page created to solicit opt-in email addresses from prospective subscribers or prospects.

The goal of the squeeze page is to obtain the visitor’s email address. Additional information could distract the user or cause them to click away to a different website. Squeeze pages are often used in conjunction with an email autoresponder to begin delivering information as soon as the visitor confirms their email address. The autoresponder is used to send a series of follow-up emails or to provide an immediate download link to get information. A small similar to a squeeze page is an opt-in form, or a widget opt-in form. Awidget opt-in form can be placed on your blog up and right, or in many other places like the footer and the header.

Note that many affiliate programs have started with only a squeeze page! It is a good start and if you learn the basics of copywriting,  you can make a lot of money from thin air!


How l make a squeeze page?

You can get a ready made squeeze page, or create a custom one. The need of  your own page is vital when there are many affiliates competing each other with the same SLO (Self Liquidating Offer).

To make a squeeze page we need some programming skills and a software like Dreamweaver. That is the old techy way. If we don’t know any programming, then we can use a free piece of software, With you can build your own squeeze page in minutes! You can also integrate  it with your autoresponder, l personally use Aweber, and you can split test your squeeze page. Split testing is essential for configuring what works best. Internet marketing is 90% about experiment and test.


Tips for making a killing squeeze page

Every Squeeze Page contains almost the same basic parts and is focused on a single goal – obtaining the visitor’s email address.

These parts are as follows:

  • A compelling Title.
  • A brief or lengthy introduction, it is also the secondary title.
  • A bulleted list of benefits, explaining why you need the product or service.
  • A picture of the product or service if it is applicable.
  • An opt-in form with a call to action. You can include only an email address opt- in form or try to make it more analytical, whether needed. The basic concept is to capture the email address.
  • Optional audio or video. Video marketing is a very powerful tool and can enhance conversion rate.
  • A signature or a picture of the list owner.

There are a lot of variation of this  basic model, you must determine which model will work best for you. This can be done only through testing, and especially split testing.Split test your sqeeze pages before spending any bog money in advertising. Start small with a tiny budget and keep only what works.

One of the cons of squeeze pages and search engine optimization is that they don’t rank well in the search engines in the penguin era. That is because squeeze pages don’t have a lot of content. A few ways to increase content on a squeeze page is to add a blog at the bottom of the page. This design keeps the squeeze page basics such as opt in form, bullet points, and video, at the top of the page. At the bottom of the page you’ll find more content and product information.

l personally have an opt-in form within my blog, on the widget section. l don’t believe that a squeeze page with a blog is a good idea always but , l will give it a try! As l said before internet marketing is 90% about testing!


To your success,


John Divramis

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