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What is Google Pagerank?



According to Wikepedia, the best online encyclopedia, Google Pagerank is a link analysis algorithm,  used by the Google Internet search engine, that assigns a numerical weighting. The numerical weight that it assigns to any given element X is referred to as the PageRank of X and denoted by PR (X).

A PageRank results from a mathematical algorithm based on the webgraph, created by all World Wide Web pages as nodes and hyperlinks as edges, taking into consideration authority hubs such as or The rank value indicates an importance that a  particular page has . A hyperlink to a page counts as a vote of support to the pages PageRank score.

The Importance of PageRank

Very scientific the PageRank definition, but how can affect you personally?

If you are a blogger the pagerank of your blog is of high importance for two particular reasons. The first it affects your ranking in the search engine results page or SERP. The higher the PageRank the best the results.

Secondly, it will affect the monetization of your blog if you are running ads from Google Adsense. The higher the PageRank, the highest the bid and the cost per click. This in combination with the higher traffic you will get from the serach engines will rocket a bit your profits. In other words high PageRank or PR means more money!

How Google Determines Pagerank

Any backlink from any site increases dramatically your site’s PageRank, except no-follow links. Each Google PageRank, which you see as a green bar in your Google Toolbar, has its own hidden weight, which is not shown in the toolbar. The PageRank is base on a X power 5 mathematical type. In the table below you can see that each PR has 5 times more weight, than the previous PR.

Google PR of the Backlink Page    PR Weight of the Backlink Page

PR0                                           1

PR1                                            5

PR2                                            25

PR3                                            125

PR4                                            625

PR5                                            3,125

PR6                                            15,625

PR7                                            78,125

PR8                                            390,625

PR9                                            1,953,125

PR10                                           9,765,625



How to Improve Your PageRank Score

It is common sense when you are being evaluated by someone for your performance to know for what are you being evaluated for. This is very greek tragical. Google who is the only PageRank evaluator and moderator officially don’t gives any guidelines about how to improve our blogs PageRank. l forgot to tell you that Google is the owner of the PageRank patent and nobody else can rank pages with the PageRank model.

On the contrary, Google officially discourages bloggers to attempt to improve by no means their page PR! This is the funniest thing l ever heard. It reminds me of the teacher who evaluates the pupil for his school performance at luck! When the pupils asks the teacher how to improve my grades the answer is  don’t care about that! Your grades will go up or down! But how?

Ok lets face it. Google don’t want bloggers to artificially try to improve their page ranking. They consider this as a black hat SEO trick.


Link Building and PageRank

In my opinion, the best way to improve your site’s PageRank is by quality link building to other sites or blog with higher Pagerank . Link building is generally a very good method for boosting your PageRank and your search engine  traffic. But it is of critical importance to avoid quick and artificial link building techniques and especially bad neighborhoods link building.

This could also harm your ranking instead of improving it. After the Penguin Update, many blogs lost their ranking due to Black Hat SEO tricks and links to low quality sites.


PageRank as a Quality Factor

Also, PageRank is a quality factor for your blog or site. There is a clear relationship between blog quality and PageRank. The higher the quality of content, the higher the PageRank of the blog page. That means when you are an authority many other sites are making references of you, as l did with Wikepedia. They link with your site and your content and you gain weight in your pageranking.

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