What Is Guest Blogging?

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What Is Guest Blogging?


Guest blogging or posting essentially means writing high quality content that you then give away to real blogs in exchange to a link back to your site. This of course benefits everyone in that the blog owner gets free high quality content, while you get a free one-way link from a high-profile site. This reciprocal effect is well known in Guest Blogging.

Guest blogging is said to be one  of the most powerful and effective ways to increase your position on the search engines and to improve your overall online presence.

Guest blogging  is one of the most reliable methods that are taken into serious consideration of Google’s recent algorithm changes. l mean Google Penguin Update.


The benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is like article writing and article submission in an article directory. Since the search engines are mainly text-based, you need to have at least 50% of your website or blog to be text apart from the graphics and  the software code.

Guest Blogging is different from directory submission. Directory submission, one of the most prominently used tools for link building and web promotion, involves link submission to various website directories. Links are submitted according to the categories and type of the website. Personally I believe more in article marketing and content marketing than promotion itself. Directory submsiion does not support reciprocal linking.


5 Tips For Successful Guest Blogging

1. Select the blog or the blogs where you want to guest post.

The first thing you must do is sit down in front of your computer and find some of the best blogs of your niche. Concentrate on the high traffic, aged blogs that have better Alexa ranking than yours. What is Alexa traffic ranking? The Alexa has a toolbar that collects data on browsing behavior and transmits it to the website, where it is stored and analyzed, forming the basis for the company’s web traffic reporting. To install your Alexa toolbar go to Alexa.  Moreover, you need to find relevant blogs with yours. Don’t blog to car loan blogs when your niche is dog training!

2. Network with your host bloggers.

You can network and build relationships with your host bloggers. You may also organize some guest blogging exchange services once a week or a month. That is great idea to boost your traffic!

3. Write a killer post

I don’t know how, make your reasearch, hire a copywriter, study copywriting, rewrite and proofread your post. Make your post compelling. Otherwise there is no reason to post. A compelling post will make people ask for more and more. Don’t be afraid to give 100% of yourself in guest blogging! It is only for one time and will pay you several times and for several years with high quality traffic.

4. Promote your killer guest post

There are more than 350+ social media sites. Including Facebook, Pinterest, microblogging sites such as Twitter etc. Share your post with your friends and make it known. The secret is to create buzz and go viral! There are some helpful promotional tools such as Tribe Pro, Shareaholic plugin for Firefox or WordPress  and Add this. You can use them to automate the procedure and save you time.

5. Create a video about your guest post and promote it to YouTube!

The perfect combination is text, with video! This will raise your traffic and your reputation. Plus it is a funny experience! If you are not good at video, don’t bother! You just need a 30 to 60 seconds video to say who are you, and why the people should read your blog post!


How to Learn Guest Blogging?


Guest blogging is not so easy as it is a skill and takes time to develop. You can develop your blogging skills by blogging daily and learn how to create compelling articles. A great service to learn guest blogging is Empower Network. It is all about empowerment, guidance and personal development in the blogging era.

Learn Guest Blogging now!


To your success!


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what is guest blogging

what is guest blogging

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