What is Internet Marketing?

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What is Internet Marketing?

Even today, when the internet population is reaching the startling 3 billion users, there are people who don’t have an idea what is internet marketing about and how can someone make money online. Actually, the 99% of the general population doesn’t know what is internet marketing about. People are asking me all the time every day what l do for a living and when l tell them Internet Marketing, a dark cloud covers their face. They don’t know how to react to something new that is so familiar and nobody knows it!

So what is internet marketing about? Lets make it simple. Internet marketing is to generate traffic, convert traffic into leads, enroll people into a funded proposal and sponsor distributors into your primary company, opportunity or everything you sell.


Step 1: Traffic Generation

Traffic generation is a whole science in the interest. Everyday thousands of new blogs are posting information to create traffic to their sites. The two main traffic generation methods are to capture attention and marketing positioning. The Media are creating compelling headlines to capture attention, the same methods are being used online. The social media such as Facebook are being stuffed with catching attention distractions and news, photos or videos.

Another approach is the marketing positioning with Personal Branding. Pesronal branding is to brand yourself first and position yourself as an expert to the eyes of your prospects.


Step 2: Traffic Conversion

Traffic is the vital substance of every blog. It is like the blood flowing in your body. Without traffic every website or blog is dead. Is traffic the only way to make money? The answer is no. Quality traffic is the secret. What is quality traffic? Is the laser targeted traffic of the prospects who needs our product or service and they are willing to pay in order to buy. These are the potential customers that we called them leads when  they opt-in to our email list. Then we start sending them some emails to gain their trust. A good email list autoresponder like Aweber is highly important. For this reason we can place web forms in our blog in the widget or in the footer like this one.


what is internet marketing

what is internet marketing

Another way is to have opt in links inside our blog pages or posts. We can repeat our  opt in links two or three times.

Opt in here, if  you want to build a high profitable opt in list.



Step 3: Funded Proposal

When a new lead enters our market funnel, then the autorespsonder sequence starts. The sequence includes 15-25 emails that have 5-8 different Funded Proposals for the new candidate to choose. By picking a Funded Proposal he can become an affiliate as well and  then become a student of the same internet marketing system. Internet marketing is about Affiliate and Network Marketing. We can include in our marketing tools more than one affiliate program and more than one network marketingopportunity. It is of great importance to understand that the product we sell is Ourselves!


Step 4: Superstar Sponsoring

What is Superstar Sponsoring? Superstar Sponsoring is basically allowing your business prospects to pay all or most of the expenses that you accrue through promoting your business.That is the definition of the Funded Proposal. With Superstar Marketing or Sponsoring , you constantly “feed your list with valuable content” and they end up coming back to you and joining your business because they feel you have something of value to offer them.

Every Superstar had created valuable and unique content, they are in the royalty business and they know that. Royalty is connected with content, actually is the same thing. The fourth step is the last step in our marketing funnel. With this step we close the loop and we start another one with new products and services with cross-selling strategies. A lead is a potential customer and is part of your list.

The money is in the list as the content is king in internet marketing. Your average income will be $1 per month per every person  you have in your list. That means if you have a list of 1000 people, you will make approximately a $1000 per month! As soon as Internet Business is scalable, with 10.000 people in your list you will make $10.000 per month! Sounds good? Just join my free online coaching program to start building your list and making money.


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