Day 75 – What is negative SEO?

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What is negative SEO?


In the offline advertising negative advertising or publicity sometimes proven to be good for many of the targeted “victims”. On the other hand , Negative SEO can harm your blogs good reputation and your blog traffic.

Negative SEO is a result of unnatural massive links creation and usually a consequence after the use of a Black hat SEO software tool.


Black Hat SEO

Just to make a small recap. There are two schools of SEO. The Black hat SEO and the White hat SEO.

Black Hat methods tend to achieve rankings quickly, but are not long-lasting. The methods used by Black Hat SEO webmaster or bloggers go against current search engine guidelines.

There are many internet SEO software companies out there and there are many tools such as SeNukeX and Scrapebox and many others l don’t remember with questionable results. Wrong use of them or careless use, will lead to negative SEO.

According to  Google aggressively bad SEO is going to look nearly identical to negative SEO, which makes it very tricky to deal with.

Negative SEO has always existed, despite Google’s attempts to downgrade it. Large and  well trusted blogs sites really are immune, but mid to low-level sites are vulnerable, especially if their real, naturally acquired backlink profile is weak or non-existent.

Take for instance some 500 fortune companies. They stay unaffected from negative SEO, but nobody knows if they really used Black SEO practices for sure.

That means for very clever and ambitious webmasters like you that you need to have a balance between black hat and white hat SEO. l don’ t know if the Black Hat SEO methods have any results today. If they really have are negative or positive?

Sometimes the law of the opposite results are in effect and this law rules well Negative SEO.



Tips to Minimize Negative SEO


After Google finally took down a few blog networks, l think you are now aware of how serious the situation is. How do you stay unaffected by negative SEO? Very simple, just stay away from Black SEO. Use only White hat SEO methods and believe me you will get longterm benefits.

If you don’t want to get deindexed by the search engines, and lose all the traffic you have built until now, stay away.

The new google update will be more radical than the google penguin update and many blogs and sites will disappear overnight. That is a fact and consider that many Black SEO webmasters are expecting this event with fear and anxiety.

If you had been involved in any Negative SEO activity and you need to minimize the upcoming negative effects, then a content curation strategy is the best advice for you. Curate your content, rewrite some articles and cure the unnatural links.

Secondly, start making some white hat linking through blogging,  article writing etc. You need to balance the white hat seo linking with the negative seo. A good balance is 80% for a start. l am a bit strict, but if you have more than 20% of black hat seo linking in your blog, then you are doomed.

You need to change strategy and enrich your blog with good quality content. Try to generate some depths in your blog and to attract some other bloggers, guest bloggers that are more experienced than you to help you.

The final step is to stop automatically manufacturing low quality links.  This links will probably do more harm than good. Also avoid low quality links in general. Link exchanging and link farming will harm you and you know that.

If you need help in curating you blogs content, feel free to contact me.



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