What is the best backlinking strategy?

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Napolleon Hill, in his book Think And Grow Rich makes a reference on why people fail. This is very general beacuse you can fail in life but you can succeed on your business or job. This is not absolute, beacuse everything in life is relevant. The same principles apply when you are building a new website and need some backlinks.


Planning your backlink strategy

I understand that backlinks can be challenging at first, and keeping up with Google can add to the frustration, however it doesn’t need to be too complicated, l have to add that Penguin  update was more about content than backlinks.

So how do I start off a backlinking campaign? Well the first thing I do is work out how competitive the keyword phrase is that I’m going to be ranking. A more competitive phrase like “network  marketing” requires a very different plan than say “dog training” would. A lot of people ask me, “how many links should I build?” and the question itself is impossible to answer, without knowing more about what you are targeting. Again targeting marketing pops out! You have to read the book to tell you more about targeting marketing, l wrote in one of my previous posts here.

At the end of the day, the level of competition dictates the numbers of backlinks you’ll need to build everyday on an ongoing basis. So it might be 200 links a day, or it might only be 20 links a day.


How fast should i build the backlinks?

If I have a new domain, in fact I’m working on a my site now, and what I’m doing is starting off very slow with the backlinks, at about 15 a week. The second week I’m increasing the links to 25, then, 40, 75, 100, 150, 200 and I’ll be maintaining the daily links at that level for each keyword l want to target!


Backlink is the name and Patience is the game

One of the biggest reasons why people struggle with SEO is patient. A lot of people want instant results, and when they don’t get them, they feel discouraged and give up. This is not the attitude to have when doing SEO, you need to treat it like a giant game of chess, where you employ your strategy and stick to it. For how long should l do backlinking? l personally recommend at least 90-100 days. That is the reason that my blogging challenge is called 100 day blogging challenge marathon! Whether needed only a couple of weeks l would have named it A couple of weeks blogging marathon challenge instead and then many people would join because people like me and you are lazy. They want the most results with the littlest effort possible and this is the kiss of death in every profession, in every business! Because to succeed in business you need to get your ass on fire! Never quit, never stop doing things and keep running! Backlinking is a marathon you need to learn well!

One last point before finishing, the people I see do the best online, are people that are good problem solvers. When a challenge comes along, instead of finding someone to blame they find a solution and overcome it. This is the mindset for success. Alternatively a lazy mind is one that demands other people fix their problems for them.

I know this because I used to have a lazy mind, it was something I developed growing up, and something I’ve worked very hard to remove.


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For the rest of you that l cannot do something, don’t worry, maybe you need some coaching!


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what is the best backlinking strategy

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