What Is Your Quadrant?

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What Is Your Quadrant?

When l first learn about Robert Kiyosaki, it was back in 2003, l had just joined Amway, l sponsored two reps in a period of 18 months, l was frustrated, depressed and totally broke! l believed that this was happening to me was unfair! Sometimes l thought it was untrue! l had been in abyss vortex which was ripping me apart and kneeling me down…l didn’t know what to do and the prospecting techniques l learned from Amway had exactly the opposite effects. This is the law of the opposite results. How do we say law of attraction? Exactly the opposite. What l was attracted, was to attract the worst prospects , the most clueless people, ending in nowhere. These day l learned about Kiyosaki.

l used to have cassettes from Kiyosaki and l went for car rides to distract myself from the failure l was. The poor results made me feel ashamed of myself and my academic background and my ego couldn’t cope with the personal challenge l had as a first time entrepreneur. Ten years later, all the Amway team had quit. Leaders vanished, and l am here, building my business, l have no choice, l am driven to do whatever it takes, to do what the rich do.

In these dark days, l used to hear from the cassette player l had, Robert Kiyosaki speaking about the rich. The rich do this, the rich do that, the rich play football, the rich get richer, the rich are rich and l freaked out! l was pissed of! What the heck, about the rich! But the most extraordinary thing was the realization of the quadrant l belong too, and l couldn’t admit. l was poor.

Which is your quadrant? Are you working for money? The rich are not working for money, the rich are building networks and make money to work for them. Th true mistake with me was that i was working desperately for money first and the second that l was trying to sponsor people! Big mistake, so if you are in network marketing company and you are in the same downhill vortex like l was, then stop prospecting! Stop advertising and start attracting people to you.

So in the two first quadrant are the poor, and the 90% of the global population tha are mostly employees and self-employed. They get the 10% of the global wealth. On the other hand, on the right quadrant, the quadrant of the rich are the rest 10% of the people who share the 90% og the global wealth.

 The Quadrant Of the Rich.

The Quadrant of the rich is the top 10% income earners that are big business owners and investors. Their income is passive and it has nothing to do with their personal presence. Their income is not gramical and it is scalable. Even in their absence their business still continues to grow exponentially. That is the secret of the rich and the reason why rich get richer and the poor poorer respectively. Where do you find yourself? If you are still reading this article, then l regret to tell you that you are not rich my friend. Kind Regards John. But this is of no importance, while you can start know! It is never too late to start and change you future!

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what is your quadrant

what is your quadrant

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what is your quadrant

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what is your quadrant

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