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The last year we have seen a new company release that is called empower network. Empower Network is a company for network marketer by network marketer. David Wood and David Sharpe have bear none done the most selfless thing that any major marketer has ever done before in the history of the internet.

Empower Network is composed of a ready made viral blogging platforms, where a person can start blogging like a pro for as little as $25 bucks a month and has the potential to make $625 per sale up front with $125 month of residual income without having to go through the trouble of setting a blog.

Empower network offer you all the support every new marketer wants get his business to the next level. They have webinars, seminars, audios and ebooks. A step by step guide makes it simple for everyone to start and make some money by creating good quality content,  blogging.

Who is David Wood?

l have checked his personal blog and l found some things about him such as:

David Wood is a bit of a wild man, who started building his online empire out of the ‘mid-section’ of a green 1996 Dodge Caravan that he lived in on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii – since then, he’s become the #1 all time producer in MLSP, the #1 recruiter in multiple Network Marketing companies, and has made as much as $85,000 in a single month!

He is really a top producer of all times in My Lead System Pro and he has the first place on the company’s  leaderboard. He has made blogging a new level top income producing activity. He himself he has more than 225 posts in his personal blog, while a s he claims he had more than 600 posts in three years. That makes me to the conclusion that the more posts you have the higher the income level and success you have in the business. As l blogger l have done more than a 100 posts in a period of on e month and l still learning and l am positioning myself on the fast track.

His career was not always so successful. He changed many jobs, he is a college drop-out and he was an amway distributor for three and a half years. He was a real failure as David Wood states in one of his videos. Despite the hard work, he couldn’t make more than a thousand dollars per month.

His second mlm company was a little better that the first. While David Wood was working like an animal, making webinars and recruiting people all over across country, the company ceased operations! It was a very hard blow for him, but he learned a lot of things that made him so successful today.


David’s Wood Secret of Success Formula

When it comes to success, David tells you bluntly that everybody asks him what is the secret of success? According to him, the answer is that it is no secret. success didn’t come for him overnight, but it is simple. First you need to have a goal, then to have a system and works hard towards your goals to succeed. What is his system? Just three simple steps: blog daily, promote your blog post every day and study at least a n hour listening an audio or a video and reading half an hour a book. So simple. David Wood is an Inspirational Leader, his videos are very motivating and his blog posts reach all over the online network marketing community.



David’ s Wood Empower Network

My Lead System Pro

who is david wood

who is david wood

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who is david wood


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who is david wood

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