Day 77 – Why l Move to Munich, Germany

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Why l Move to Munich, Germany



Hello folks! Today is day 77 of the 100 days blogging Marathon and l am in the pleasant and unpleasant position to tell you that l am moving to Munich, Germany. After 32 years of life as a Greek,  Greece betrayed me and depraved me from my beloved country Greece.

l would like to share this post with you and to unveil my deepest pain of my heart for the fake paradise l lost. Greece is a country with great history but not future. Is a country of enormous wealth and physical resources such as oil, gas and uranium but with poor beggar locals. Is a country of enormous clever and decent minds, governed by the crooks and the fools. This is Greece.

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The road to the dead-end has started several decades ago and l want to mention to this obituary of my lost paradise some milestones that maybe nobody notice. This milestone is history and history is written to educate the masses and prevent them from the mistakes of the past.

If you are not Greek and you simply feel that you are not feel connected, then you are wrong. It doesn’t matter whether you live in America, Israel, China or UK. Economy and history does repeat itself and beware today is Greece the paradise lost, tomorrow is YOURS. Awake.


Blind History Milestones

The position of Greece is so wrecked today because, Greece lost three wars in the last century years with Turkey, The Cyprus invasion the Fall of Anatolia and the Imia Incident.

Also Greece experienced a 5 year civil war directly after the 1944-49. When the whole Europe was rebuilding and the victims were taking the Marshall Plan Funds for recovery, we were killing each other. This lead to a never World War ll recovered Greece. The main country was left a wreckage and with no industry and no production at all. Moreover the German Compensation plans due to the war never have been repaid.

It is not only Germany’s obligation to repay its war liabilities but also the Greek blind political leadership to ask for them.

Lost chapters of Greek history is the Northern Epirus chapter, the Pontos Genocide, the Eastern Romylia and the modern Macedonian issue. An issue for jerks, assholes and retarded persons.

Other blind statistics are that the political and economical crimes committed by the political leadership will never been repaid and the only judge remain is history. l want to mention some names for only one reason, remember that names, one day we will learn the socking truth about them. Mitsotakis family, Papandreou family, Karamanlis family plus all of the Prime ministers and Presidents of Greece after 1974.


Paradise Regained

l am young enough and l lost everything in my life, after 12 years of struggling in Greece, l lost the battle with the blind State and my life is destroyed. l don’t care about my country any more, l am not going to join the army as l should according the greek laws and traditions.

l believe in no laws but my own, and this is what my hearts really desire. l want to be free! l don’t owe to nobody something l never took. l and my generation is doomed, but my children will have a better future in a State that respects its citizens and Justice prevail.

l hate myself that l am Greek, l hate myself that l born in Greece, l hate myself because l allowed the corrupted politicians to govern my State and destroy all my dreams, fade them away.

How do l feel? Betrayed, cause l gave the best l had to my country. l educated myself to the best European Institutions, l opened business and recruited young people providing jobs to many families. l wanted to give my best of my blood to the country, my children and they deprived me of that happiness.

l feel scammed deep in my heart. When l am writing this post tears are falling from my eyes and my chest is flaming with anger and pale. l don’t want to be Greek any more, l hate to be. l am not asking for revenge but l will never do the same mistake again. GREECE IS NOT A PLACE OF BUSINESS. Stick it in your mind.

Greece is ONLY for moron civil servants, for a bunch of lazy retarded fat cats. Some civil servants in Greece are still being paid 4.000€ per month while doing nothing! When the 30% of the people is in the line of poverty.



Greek Economic Recovery



I think all of you are familiar with the Greek Debt Crisis. Here are some fact and projections l made in August 2012.



Unemployment rate in Central Greece and in my home city Larisa hit the startling record of all times for Greece of 27% officially in July 2012.  In July 2011 was only 13%. Never the Greek state has a so high unemployment rate officilaly.


Unemployment rate in l Greece will reach officially 50% in 2013 and it will declined after 2015, if ever.



The level of the salaries are in the level of 1970′s and Greece will reach the level of 2008 incomes in 2025!


The level of salaries will decline in the 50% of todays in 2013 and 2014. Greece will declared bankruptcy, however it will remain in Euro zone. The level of incomes will be at the level of 2010 in 2030 but the income discrepancy ratio will be 100% and more!



2012 depression in Greece would be -5% ( January 2012) with a small reconsideration to reach-7%.


2012 depression  will reach -15%! One million Greeks will become immigrants for economic reasons. As an effect the depression will grow stronger for the next years.



Greece is a 200 billion euro problem.


Greece in retrospect was 15 billion euros problem and the Blind Political Leadership in combination with IMF had transformed it to a European Debt Crisis of 1 trillion!



Greece will see the first signs of recession in 2014.


Greece will never see the real economy signs of recession unless they build a real economy. Fake and fragile recession will start in 2017 to 2018, while true recovery will come after 2025. We have 13 years of economic chaos ahead.

l don’t want to tell you more. Keep in mind my projections. l am not a prophet but my economic instinct never goes wrong.


P.S. See you soon from a different point of view.

l love you


John Divramis

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