Why l relaunched my old blog?

Hello guys, after 7 years l rebuilt and relaunched my old blog and l managed to recover a part of the old content thanks to waybackdownloader.

Waybackdownloader is really a great service and l enjoy the feeling to looking back to myself and see how much progress l have done all of these years and the journey l pass every single year.

The other reason that made me to rebuilt my old paramarketing blog with a new WordPress theme and a new domain, as soon as l already use the old domain for another website, is that l want to write my experiences and acquire audience to a broader market.

In my previous post in another personal blog l hold, l wrote about the sewage cleaning business in Greece. l am talking about the implications of the sewage cleaning business to the city of Athens (sewage cleaning stands for αποφραξεις in Greek and it is not only the Sewage business in Athens, but the sewage business in Piraues ass well, stands for αποφράξεις πειραιάς), and l would like to find opportunities and new clients to a greater market with no local boundaries.


So l made my decision and had to get into massive action, as Antony Robbins says. Massive action means two thing for me:

  • First, l should start writing to more blogs to improve my SEO and my exposure to the people
  • Secondly, l should start improving my English because l am not a native English speaker.

The language barrier is not an obstacle for every person with a dream and a goal and practise makes you perfect. l started practising by writing my personal SEO experiences to this website with small blog posts which are not very technical but they are more real and reveals another aspect of myself.

From the small age of five l liked the idea of speaking many languages and communicating with so many people of different nationalities and countries and l did it in one way or another.

l think it is time to get to this thing again!

Thank you and l hope you can find something interested on my blog!