Day 39 – Why Online Training Systems Fail?

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Why Online Training Systems Fail?


Hello Folks! l am not one of the guys that give it up, even if l have to work 19 hours a day for three months and then l realize that the training system l followed is a mess! It doesn’t work out, it doesn’t make any sense. Have you ever started something in life and then quit? What went wrong? l will tell you that you are not the only one who failed. If you started an online training system and failed, then you are in the 95% of the population that failed too! Congratulations it’s not your fault! Failing in online training systems is not a one man fault.

l  have gone myself through 7 different online training programs in the last three months about internet and network marketing and l believe the failure rate starts from 90% to 97% to all of them. Why? Here are 7 reasons l discovered that make a system to fail:

1.The student is not ready

The student is not ready to learn or to change. Learning is the process to change by acquiring new knowledge, new habits and new ways of doing things.

2. The master is not ready

They are saying, when the students is ready the master will come. Many times, the failure reason is that the master is not ready, focused, or doesn’t care for the new students.

3. Timing is inappropriate.

Timing for learning is inappropriate. For instance, if your social or professional or family conditions are not appropriate. If you just caught a new job, or started another business, then it is very difficult to succeed in online training. Online training takes time and focus. If you are not committed 100% then you are not going to cut it.

4. The training system is not full

The most common failure factor is that the training system is not full. Think it like you are in a factory and produces cars, if the production chain lacks of bumpers or engines, will the factory continue to produce cars? The same is with the online training systems. It has all the information needed, apart from one piece of information, so vital that the new system cannot work for the newbie. Another surprise failure factor is the hidden cost. Many training systems are being promoted like this: Start your own business with $1! Of course these system are targeting the people who don’t have a lot of money. Then to your surprise you find that to make the system work for you, you need another $50 for this software, another $10 for this upgrade, another $100 for the advertising costs plus 100 hours work per week to make the things rolling!

5. Wrong candidate expectations

Many new candidates join one or another training system having a false expectation on their minds. They believe that they will become rich, based on the testimonials read, on the internet trends and on the guru success stories. It takes work to succeed and many time the blueprint of success is not revealed upfront, maybe you need three to six months to understand the blueprint and how to make it work for you.

6. Wrong master expectations

Sometimes, the master’s are doing wrong, they have false expectations too. Have you ever listened to an internet marketing guru talking one hour for something that you couldn’t relate even 1%? There are no authenticities in life. Even the best gurus can go wrong and have false expectations from their students. This makes the system a failure by design.

7. System not up to date. It is not working any more.

A successful internet business blueprint of 2005 is not going to work in 2012! Everything is changing and we need to keep ourselves up to date. Many people have made money in network marketing in 1990s and have retired enjoying the passive income. Unfortunately, their knowledge is not 100% functional, you cannot duplicate their success today, simply because things have changed!


 My Personal Success Story In Computer Training

l have been a private computer school teacher, and l had the opportunity to prove myself in the class, as l had the most successful computer class from 13 private schools in Greece. l was the most successful teacher till today with 100% success rate in MOS accreditation! The remarkable was that the average age in my class was 13! , while the average age of the other classes was 25! l know 100% what made me a success! And l was wondering to my frustration why all these internet marketing gurus are making products and products, blogs and sites for nothing, when the 95% of the people fail? l have seen a lot of training programs, but l belive the most of them are designed to fail.


What online training systems are working?

l cannot say what i going to work for you, because l don’t know your level of expertise, but l can say that for me two systems are working with 100% success, Empower Network and Dotcomsecrets X l highly recommend them to you!


To your online success!


why online training systems fail

why online training systems fail

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why online training systems fail

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