Winter may seem far away but it is closer than you think! So, we already have a good idea of ​​what women’s clothes will be worn in winter of 2021-2022. So if you are looking forward to seeing what you will wear all winter this year to look stylish then just read below!

This winter’s fashion seems to combine comfort with more fancy pieces, creating a heterogeneous but interesting wardrobe. What is certain is that this is a winter with stylistic interest! So find out which women’s clothes will be worn in Winter 2021-2022!

Colorful clothes

This winter we forget the dominance of the dark, hazy clothes you usually wear and mix them with vibrant and bright colors. At first you may think that bright colors are out of season but in fact they will be a big fashion trend! Wear colors such as electric blue, fuchsia and red and in no case do not miss the romantic lilac that will play a lot this year.

Puffer coats

The inflatable puffer coats, in addition to keeping you warm this winter, will make you look very stylish! Both the short inflatable jackets and the longer ones that reach even to the calf are a stylish choice! So enrich your wardrobe with a puffer jacket that will be a must for your casual walks even on the coldest days!

Dark and wide denim clothes

Of course denim clothes could not be missing in the winter of 2022! What is renewed is their style! So, this winter he preferred dark jean pieces and looser in their application. In other words, skinny jeans will lose ground from the comfortable jeans, baggy jeans and loose zip panties that you will not get bored of wearing!

Faux furs

Fur is a stylish and warm coat, ideal even for the coldest days of winter. Of course we always talk about faux furs, which will be worn a lot this year. Let it be a timeless piece that will stay in your closet for years!

Mini skirts and dresses

In winter, midi and maxi length in skirts and dresses may be more common, but this year dare to include more mini pieces in your appearances. To prevent your feet from getting cold, you can combine your mini clothes with high boots and warm tights. You can even balance the look with a sweater over your mini skirt!

Knitted dresses, skirts and sets

It is not new that knitwear is the fabric of winter! Besides, in the winter of 2022 you will always wear them! Knitted sets, knitted dresses and of course knitted sweaters should not be missing from your wardrobe! This way, you will stay warm, comfortable and in fashion at all hours!

Combine your midi or maxi dress with a jacket

A very stylish combination is to put a midi or maxi dress together with a jacket. Underneath wear sneakers, heels or mules. If you want to develop this idea a little more, you can wear your jacket closed and put a belt on top so that your dress looks like a skirt!

One-piece suit with long sleeves

In autumn when the weather is unstable, put on a long-sleeved overalls with your sneakers. If you feel cold you can roll up your sleeves or even your leggings. The cargo overalls are also very modern, which you can combine with both sportswear and heels!

Summer dress with shirt inside

If you did not enjoy your summer dresses then wear them in the fall with a shirt inside and tights if it is cold. Instead of a shirt, you can wear a thin turtleneck or a simple monochrome t-shirt!

Autumn outfit with plaid skirt and sweater

The plaid pattern is primarily autumn-winter and looks great on skirts. Wear your plaid skirt with ankle boots and a sweater.

Floral dress with high boot

Floral dresses are cute all year round, but in the fall she preferred them in earth tones such as brown, beige or burgundy. Combine your floral dress with a knee-high boot or cowboy boots for contrast.

Oversized outfit with pants

In autumn and winter we want to snuggle up and feel comfortable in our clothes so it would be a good idea to try a comfortable oversize look. Combine for example a wide pants with an oversized shirt and you will have the perfect autumn outfit!

Wear your jeans in style with a long cardigan

An easy-to-wear outfit to wear from morning to night is: jeans, a blouse and a long knitted cardigan. And somehow you can have a neat outfit for the whole day!

 Total jean outfit for this fall

The denim fabric fits perfectly in the autumn season, especially if you combine it with tampa-brown accessories. Try a total jean outfit with pants and a shirt and you will automatically feel more stylish and modern.