Day 25 – Zombie Websites Or Internet Business Blogs?

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The need for an internet business blog

Do you have a zombie website or a well designed internet business blog?  It was a decade ago, when website design and web site technology was a bit old fashioned, not many people had internet access and even Billy Gates could imagine how someone would make money on the internet. He thought it was a waste of time, even him could not understand what it was internet business blogs about.

In 2002, l was running a website building business and a friend of mine had a very bold idea to provide updating information services to business websites that went online and left without new content for years. As you can understand WordPress was not so popular and so optimized as it is today. It wasn’t fully automated and not known to the masses. People were afraid to buy online, internet connection was slow and the prejudice and technophobia was high. The first thing l have done was to suppress my friends opinion as a bullshit. Sorry for the expression. Who would want a service like that? l yelled to him.

Ten years ago we had the static companies websites with only five pages and in the best case we had the portals! And the noche portals that we called them vortals! Today portals become fully automated internet business blogs with online communities, optimization, moneytization, etc.

Years later, technology has changed, internet has a speed of light, social media are going wild, while still some high street companies having zombie websites. In the next 1o years Online Business Blogs and Web 3.0 technology will be the only way to make business. 5 to 6 billion people will have mobile access to the internet at every instance and the constitution will be online instant and direct democracy. That means that every citizen will have obligatory, provided by the state free internet access and he would vote directly every week or month for many major reasons.

Even though this is like a science fiction or fantasy, this will happen in the next years. However, there will be still zombie websites that their number will grow in thousands abandoned by their owners to the huge websphere.

Technophobia is not a n option. To start an internet business blog today is simpler and cheaper than ever. There are many blogs that offer free educational materials and videos for everyone, free online resources are open for the masses and not for the classes or the elite. Free valuable content is abundant. The free information flow is a reality. Will you left behind?

To be positioned on the market, you need to start now, today your online business blog, online marketing blog, your home business blog, your advertising blog, or your affiliate business blog. Pick up your niche and start your online business, simply by blogging daily.

Ten years later, l understand my mistake. l had an internet services and web design company that l left to my partner in 2005 and l never looked back. l thought technology was very artificial, and far away from the average person. Several years passed and today l am changing my course in life again. Internet life is a part of humanity like the house, the car, the food. Don’t make the same mistake. If you have a website already, consider adding to this a blog. If you have a blog already and you don’t know what to do with it, start blogging again and the answer will come.


It is the 25th day of the 100 days blogging marathon challenge. l hope l was quite informative for you.

If you would like to learn more of how to start your own online business blog, just watch the video here.



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zombie websites or internet business blogs

zombie websites or internet business blogs

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zombie websites or internet business blogs

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zombie websites or internet business blogs

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